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10-27 Breaking News Update

Breaking News!

Update to Saturday 10-27 Radio Program

Boston – Thursday:

In Boston the excitement was intense, and the whole city was quickly in a blaze of resentment. At the first opportunity the determined hostility to the act broke forth. What would normally be an occasion of celebration, political figures are found hanging in effigy from city center trees and from the top of which peeped forth a head with horns, intended to personify the Devil. The authorities did not attempt to remove the effigies, for, in the excited state of the popular mind, it was difficult to say how far the rage of the people, might lead them.

The Organizers, with whom the proceedings, originated, kept the matter somewhat in hand, and at evening cut the figures down and carried them in procession through the city, processioned on a bier. The multitude moved in perfect order, and their route was lined with people. They passed through the historic Old State house and under the council-chamber, where the key city politicians happened to be gathered. “Liberty, property, and new taxes”! were shouted at the ears of the listening dignitaries. The Organizers were preceded by some four or five thousand business and tradesmen, decently dressed and the whole body marched to State Street, where they demolished a structure which they believed the federal government was building as an office for the new tyranny being pushed by despotic leadership. Then they proceeded to Fort Hill (Roxbury), where key government officials reside, and with fragments of the frame which they brought with them, built a bonfire in which the effigies were consumed. Continue reading

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8-25-18 Federalist #10 Part 3 – Virtuous Statesmen and Controlling Faction?

Ok folks. We are Living out the Anti-federalists perspective of Federalist #10 yet we are not even close to finishing our understanding or application of Madison’s words here. In this program I will be delving into more of the heart of the vanity to expect that there will be a continuum of ‘enlightened statesmen’ and the ‘Causes and Effects’ of Factions.

I bring you into a little clearing understanding of Madison’s thought process here by going back to Witherspoon’s Lectures on Moral Philosophy. We need the background info to understand the heart of this Framer of the Constitution.

References: Continue reading

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8-18-18 Madison, Witherspoon and Federalist #10

The many turns of life did not facilitate the mid week discussion that I was intending regarding the relationship of Madison to John Witherspoon. Therefore, this week I bring in the interesting tidbits about Madison and a good deal about John Witherspoon.

What is striking about Witherspoon is detailed in the ‘Introduction’ of the reference containing his ‘Lecture on Moral Philosophy’ or as otherwise titled ‘Moral Society’. What caught me is the reality that many of the pastors in the US are even more now of the Moderatist perspective then like Witherspoon who was a Populist in the church debates in Scotland. So that you don’t have to look it up, which most of you would not do, here is the quote from the Intro for clarification:

References: Continue reading

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9-30-17 Moore-Strange and Federalist # 10

Moore-Strange and Federalist # 10

I was taken aback Not by the Judge Moore win but by the concession speech by Luther Strange. I had to ponder why Sen. Strange made a number of great statements about his personal faith and that in my book it did not line up with taking money from the swamp. I could not find the reconciliation of his comments and then I thought of the sermon on last Sunday by Alistair Begg, the writings of John Witherspoon and the amazing find in Federalist #10.

This program is my simple citizen analysis of the Moore-Strange run off.

I believe that we need to raise up Constitutional Candidates and Vet the candidates Constitutionally because as you know conservatism is misleading as I point out in “Not ALL Conservatives Are Constitutionalists”. Continue reading

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