2-21-15 Program: Educating Sam Adams

This is one of my favorite programs to have done.  It goes through the education of the youth in the Colonies up to and slightly through 1765.  Education for those that attended Harvard during these early colonial times, most were around 15 in age, learned how to discover, develop critical thinking, learned the historical classics and could read and write greed and latin as well as their native language.

The brilliance of the Founders is due to the way they learned as much as what they learned.   I experienced some of that “Classical Education” in my you and it has set the foundation as to how I learn, think and problem solve.  Education, particularly government/public education, is incompetent at best.  One of the best written books on the education system in the US is called: “In the Presence of Our Enemies” by Ellen McClay.  It’s long but worth the read!

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