Chaplains and Clergy of The Revolution: A Must Watch Series

The Chaplains and Clergy of the RevolutionThe Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution

As promised, we are bringing you the video  series of THE CHAPLAINS and CLERGY of the REVOLUTION published in 1864. This book was written by J. T. Headly. He was also the author of: “WASHINGTON AND HIS GENERALS,” “NAPOLEON AND HIS MARSHALS,” ETC, ETC.

Why a Video Series?

Why read this book into a video series? Our Nation needs the truth of what motivated the Citizenry to be strong and have the moral courage to fight for Liberty. So too  our churches need to understand that the pulpits must be the root of civil society and the voice of Liberty. Most importantly, our children and grandchildren need to know there is hope for their future. They need to know that this hope is in  History that shows us that with the leadership of God, although there may be a heavy cost, Liberty can be sustained.

Through the reading of this book in video format linked in the blog posts, you will hear Tom memorializing history for his grandchildren. The hope is that you will find the time to do the same with your friends and family.

How Long Is It?

There are forty-six chapters to the book. This week we have two video segments available. We begin the series with the Preface/Introduction, Chapter I and Chapter II. We will be producing at least two chapters a week and more if we can.

Table of Contents

The link here to the Table of Contents will be continuously updated as each chapter video is completed and then linked from the Sam Adams Returns Youtube channel.

This Weeks Videos:

Preface/Introduction and Chapter I

Religious Element of the Revolution. —Not sufficiently dwelt on by Historians. —Influence and Action of Pastors. —Example in Stock- bridge, Mass. —Interesting Scene

Chapter II

Systematic Influence of the Clergy. —Election Sermons before the Revolution. —Election Sermons a part of the Proceedings of the Provincial Legislature. —Samuel Cook’s Sermon’s, 1770. —Mr. Tucker’s, in 1771. —Charles Turner’s, in 1773. —Gad. Hitchcock’s, in 1774. —”The Tea Overboard.'” —President Langdon’s, in 1775.  —”Bunker Hill, Monitions of the Coming Storm.” —These Sermons the Political Pamphlets of the Times

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