Chaplains and Clergy of The Revolution: Chapter 6 – Jonas Clark

Contents of Chapter 6:

Jonas Clark The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution is The Pastor of Lexington. —His Ministerial Life. —Early Teachings.—Patriotic Conduct and Ability as a Statesman.—Hancock and Adams find Refuge in his House.—News of the Approach of the Enemy.—His Account of it.—Summoning of the Militia.—Scene on the Green.—Approach of the Enemy.—The Slaughter.—Mr. Clark among his slain Parishioners.—His Feelings and Prediction.—His Death.

Jonas Clark, being a close friend of Samuel Adams was a strong minister of the ‘Whole’ Gospel from Genesis to Revelations as understood by the Reformers of Old. He preached Liberty only by the ‘Cross of Christ’ and how it is ‘extensible’ into every aspect of life… even political life. This Chapter is his amazing remembrance.

This book is the Historical Fact that Christianity (see the link at the end) is the root of our American Heritage and a key factor in the inspiration of the Revolution. God governance is God’s governance and the Citizenry understood this. Those that were Chaplains and Clergy were not just religious mouth pieces. NO, They were warrior Patriots that spoke first the Word of God and then the musket or sword.

I am reading this book as if to my Grandchildren. I hope that parents and Grandparents would do the same. I hope and pray more that Pastors would be in these tumultuous times as the same that these Founding Clergy and Chaplains were.

Let us all learn and act according to the Blessing and examples they set for US in our Foundation.

Table of Contents

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Chaplains and Clergy of The Revolution



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