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Episode 382: The 118th Congress Win For GOP Power Brokers Or Coalition Government

Video of the 118th Congress program at Rumble  or YouTube  

Is The 118th Congress a win for GOP power brokers or the forcing of the normal? I have rewritten this post four times as the wind has changed events over this past week. I want to be clear that I am true to118th Congress the content of Montezuma’s 1787 article on the video/audio of the actual program. Yet, there are, as always, a lot of content that goes beyond the forty-five minutes of the program.

How do I see this seemingly confused opening to the 118th Congress? I find it refreshing and most appropriate for our time in history. At issue is how the House Rules must be changed to represent some semblance of a Constitutional Republic again. In this standoff, one of the most important proposed Rule changes by the Freedom Caucus is ‘single subject appropriation bills.’ Getting this commitment from a Speaker would be a superb win for the taxpayer and a start to controlling the spending of the swamp monsters.

On next weeks program, I am going to do a deeper dive in the House Rules and what the potential changes could be.

A Coalition Government

We have a number of the elitists establishment types calling for a ‘Coalition Government.’ First off, we are not a Parliamentary form of government. Any coalition is in fact conceding to the left and the establishment, yes the repudicans too. These are the enemy of our Constitutional Republic. Continue reading

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