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Episode 375: Trump’s Needed Action to Designing Men

Video of Trump’s Needed Action to Designing Men at: Rumble or YouTube 

Trump’s needed action to Designing Men causing the liberal chaos in the nation is not so simple as winning the 2024 election. You must first know the Founders use of the wordTrump's needed action ‘Designing’ –

‘In an ill sense, artful; insidious; intriguing; contriving schemes of mischief; hence, deceitful. designing men are always liable to suspicion’ – Websters 1828 Dictionary

This establishment chaos is the result of two centuries of enlightenment thinking and theology that has placed the reasoning minds of humanism above the sovereignty of God. Many authors, deep thinkers, economist, pastors and Reformed minded citizens before me have laid out the mechanisms for what is only in the imaginations of our present patriotic citizenry. These mechanisms lay in the core truths of the nations founding. Yes, the root is Christian Nationalism and Biblical economics.

The reality is that Trump will not have one iota of effect on the trajectory of the statists establishment objectives without a Foundational Reformation of the churches, philosophy of governance and political economic thinking.

One needs to begin with the writing by ‘A Federalist’ who wrote one of the first Anti-federalists responses to the newly proposed Constitution. He titled his article “A Dangerous Plan of Benefit only to the “Aristocratick Combination.” You must come to grips with the reality that the Constitution of 1787 and as presently Amended is being used, but in the ways that the Anti-federalists predicted. Here is a couple excerpts from that letter where I have made emphatic notations in underlined italics:

‘I am pleased to see a spirit of inquiry burst the band of constraint upon the subject of the NEW PLAN for consolidating the governments of the United States, as recommended by the late Convention… The hideous daemon of Aristocracy has hitherto had so much influence as to bar the channels of investigation, preclude the people from inquiry and extinguish every spark of liberal information of its qualities. At length the luminary of intelligence begins to beam its effulgent rays upon this important production; the deceptive mists cast before the eyes of the people by the delusive machinations of its INTERESTED advocates begins to dissipate, as darkness flies before the burning taper; and I dare venture to predict, that in spite of those mercenary dectaimers, the plan will have a candid and complete examination. Those furious zealots who are for cramming it down the throats of the people, without allowing them either time or opportunity to scan or weigh it in the balance of their understandings, bear the same marks in their features as those who have been long wishing to erect an aristocracy in THIS COMMONWEALTH [of Massachusetts]. Their menacing cry is for a RIGID government, it matters little to them of what kind, provided it answers THAT description. As the plan now offered comes something near their wishes, and is the most consonant to their views of any they can hope for, they come boldly forward and DEMAND its adoption. They brand with infamy every man who is not as determined and zealous in its favor as themselves. They cry aloud the whole must be swallowed or none at all, thinking thereby to preclude any amendment; they are afraid of having it abated of its present RIGID aspect. They have strived to overawe or seduce printers to stifle and obstruct a free discussion, and have endeavored to hasten it to a decision before the people can duly reflect upon its properties. In order to deceive them, they incessantly declare that none can discover any defect in the system but bankrupts who wish no government, and officers of the present government who fear to lose a part of their power. These zealous partisans may injure their own cause, and endanger the public tranquility by impeding a proper inquiry; the people may suspect the WHOLE to be a dangerous plan, from such COVERED and DESIGNING schemes to enforce it upon them. Compulsive or treacherous measures to establish any government whatever, will always excite jealousy among a free people: better remain single and alone, than blindly adopt whatever a few individuals shall demand, be they ever so wise.’

Let me stop here for a moment and have you contemplate that the message is the same then as we are hearing today. Can you hear the echo of time in our present? The essence of Liberty for a free people is not in a central government that is everything to all. Continue reading

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Episode 356: Unfaithful Guardians, Interview with Author Dave Welty

Unfaithful Guardians, Interview with Author Dave Welty

Unfaithful Guardians

The 3rd Edition is available

Unfaithful Guardians is a program that ran in 2018. In dealing with a family death of a Patriot, conversations with my Aunt would sometimes focus on the Supreme Court. With that, I am dedicating this program to her.

Bringing back a review of Unfaithful Guardians, written by Dave Welty is most appropriate considering the recent rulings of the Supreme Court of The United States (SCOTUS).

In this is interview with Dave Welty, the author of “Unfaithful Guardians” is refreshing as well as it gives a great comparative to what is happening in the court now compared to the philosophical shifts over one hundred years ago. Dave has written a fantastic walk through history culminating in what flipped with the Judicial system and Supreme Court. His clear understanding of the 14th Amendment is deeply researched. He can clearly articulate the Original Intent established by the 39th Congress and the State Ratifying Conventions of the Day.

As always, remember: The Founders wanted us to gain knowledge and get involved! Being a Citizen is an Active involvement in our political life! Let’s get our feet on the street for this time is critical!

Learn you State and the Federal Constitutions.

Sam Adams Wisdom

Regarding Elections and Education


[Independent Chronicle, January 30, 1797; a text is in the Massachusetts Archives].

…In pursuance of the provision in the Constitution, the people have recently exercised their own sovereign power in the election of another President. Elections to offices, even in the smallest Corporations, are and ought to be deemed highly important; of how much more importance is it, that elections to the highest offices in our extensive Republic, should be conducted in a manner and with a spirit becoming a free, virtuous and enlightened people, who justly estimate the value of their sacred rights.

Continue reading

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Episode 354: Courts and Mental Health Industry Destroying the Republic

Courts destroy constitution

Is this fact? Is it True?

Video available on Rumble or Brighteon and YouTube 

The Courts and the Mental Health Industry are destroyers of the Republic. The perspective regarding the Courts was predicted by the Anti-federalists. I have discussed what Robert Yates wrote on a number of different programs, see here, here and here for starts. Recently we see that Justice Sotomayor is one of the ilk that the Anti-federalists warned about. I look into her statement in the article, ‘Sotomayor accuses conservatives of ‘dismantling’ church-state separation BY JOHN KRUZEL – 06/21/22 11:32 AM ET.’ My specific interest is in the first clause of the 1st Amendment..

The afore mentioned Justice, as with all others who continue the deception of ‘church-state separation’ need to restudy original intent. But they don’t care about Foundational Principles or original intent.

There has been a greater attack on the first clause of the 1st Amendment then most realize. There are significant founding documents that clearly show what that the establishment clause for religion is specific and limited only to the federal government setting up a national religion. As such, I submit these references, which are in this link from The Founders Constitution and are delineated in the Reference section of this Newsletter.

Always more to say than there is time to discuss.

Mental Health Industry Adds to Destruction of Republic mental health industry

When I was completing my degree in Behavioral Science, 1982, I had to attend classes and seminars that was still, at that time, called immoral. Continue reading

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Episode 344: Source of Provision and Brutus Anti-federalist Revisited

Source of Provision and Brutus Anti-federalist Revisited  Source of Provision

Source of Provision Video available at Rumble and/Or Brighteon

This week is a short followup from last week as I ask ‘What is the Source of Provision’ in our lives? In this time of economic upheaval, the echo chambers all look to the government to provide solutions. Really? The founding era had comparable and worse economic maladies but they had strong pulpit leaderships that looked to the true source of provision.

The majority of this program is a blast from the past. With this being Easter week I was looking for an easy way by doing a program rerun. Well, for technical reasons, I could not get a 2015 program to meet the sound quality I wanted therefore, this is a fresh program. Not only did I want to emphasize the ‘Source of Provision’ but also the historical prophetic writing of ‘Brutus Anti-federalist Revisited.’ Robert Yates, Brutus, argues against the Federal Constitution with this simple thought in mind:

‘But if, on the other hand, this form of government contains principles that will lead to the subversion of liberty — if it tends to establish a despotism, or, what is worse, a tyrannic aristocracy; then, if you adopt it, this only remaining assylum for liberty will be shut up, and posterity will execrate (feel or express great loathing for) your memory.’

Brutus No. 1 is revisited in this program and I do hope that we take note of the warnings such that we have courage to act so as to secure Liberty over economy by first understanding the Source of Provision in all things. Continue reading

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10-5-19 Prophecy Fulfilled

Prophecy Fulfilled  Prophecy Fulfilled

In this age of seemingly national and global upheaval, many trawl the events to shout of Prophecy Fulfilled. In this program I will discuss what could be perceived in the messages of Biblical Proportion.

Prophecy is in fact fulfilled in these United States but not in the way that many, especially a number of Christian thinkers may be looking for. Continue reading

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9-14-19 Constitution Day: Articles of Confederation, Seminar and Book Launch

Constitution Day

While remembering Constitution Day by considering the up and coming remembrance of the present Constitution, one must understand the first Constitution – the Articles of Confederation. Sam Adams was on the Committee to draft the Articles of Confederation. His clear understanding of historical ‘republican’ systems and Biblical Reformation Liberty were critical inputs into the original structure of the Confederation.

I have chosen to re-run a program from 2018 because I don’t believe that folks, even many who think they have the Constitution figured out, really get what is happening at the National Level was predicted by the Anti-federalists. Why do I believe that? Because the Anti-federalists predicted that if the Pulpits did not continue as the Founding Pulpits, the Constitution of 1787 would lead to the ‘soft tyranny and despotism’ that De Tocqueville later wrote about.

Yes, we are Living the predictions of the Anti-federalists and the analytical writing of De Tocqueville!

Covenant and Constitution

I am promoting sections of my book, “From Covenant To The Present Constitution” in this program. Hmmm…. I still believe that everyone reading this or who listens to the program should get a copy. Heck, since I self-publish, I have to self-promote as well. Continue reading

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7-27-19 Constitutional Immigration

Constitutional Immigration in Debates:

The reality that most are ignorant of is that in fact: Constitutional Immigration is a strong consideration in Founder’s Original Intent! Signing the Constitution

There are those who argue that the doors of immigration was opened wide by the Founders of these United States. Well, that is a manipulation of fact and history. This Program brings to the forefront that immigration was a hot topic, not only during the Convention Debates of 1787 but also in the States Ratifying Conventions and in a number of the Anti-federalists Papers.

The concern regarding emigration from the eastern states to the west as well as their term of ‘foreigners’ meaning immigrants arriving, Not assimilating, and then becoming elected, which would then destroy our religion, morality and virtue. During the Convention Debates Pennsylvania was used as an example of this very destruction occurring. Continue reading

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3-9-19 George Washington’s Warning and Tory Pastors

Introduction:  Elezar Oswald

George Washington’s Warning of internationalism stresses that our liberties will be lost if we chase after what other countries have instead of holding fast to all that is natural in America. We also look at two Anti-federalists who step us through anarchy. I suggest that in these warnings of the Centinel and Alfred that we can substitute socialism as the root that fosters anarchy.

Lastly, I sat teary eyed in a public place reading and preparing for the video’s of chapters 30 through 33 of the Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution. It pains me deeply that many modern pastors are ‘Tory Traitors’ by being caught up in their ignorance and out-right refusal to know the truth of Christianity in America.

Pastors at the Foundation:

Unlike today where the predictions of Alfred ring true even regarding the Church, this is what was written in 1864 as a recap of the Foundational Pastor: Continue reading

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The Present Civil War; Melancton Smith: Anti-federalists Predicted

The Present Civil War; Melancton Smith: Anti-federalists Predicted

Melancton Smith was a key Anti-federalist during the whole period of debates on the Constitution of 1787. Interestingly, The Anti-federalists had amazing foresight to the extent that their arguments were predictive to what we are experiencing in The Present Civil War.

The October Imprimis has a very good article called “America’s Cold Civil War” that fitfully describes what I and others have been talking about for years. Yet, the predictive perspective of this actually began with the Anti-federalists.  This Present Civil War is a culmination of ideologies that were not countered by the expectations of John Adams and Madison: This Constitution is ‘Only’ for a Moral and Virtuous people and none others. Continue reading

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7-7-18 Sam Adams and the Anti-federalists Vindicated

The Vindication of the Founders of the Nation is required even more so now in the congregation of the churches where Liberty in its totality once rang true.

As I was preparing for this program I received and email that has taken me down a completely different course than I intended. The article by Dr. Joel McDurmon title “Sam Adams to America: “I told you so.”” vindicates all that I have been doing these many years as Sam Adams as well as my diatribe that the Anti-federalists ‘Got It Right’! Great article so click on the link in this paragraph or in the References to read it.

With this past Wednesday being ‘Independence Day’ – I want to remind you of the word of Sam Adams as he was asked to give his perspective related to the Declaration of Independence. He spoke about this Action on August 1, 1776 – the day before the final signatures were affixed to the completed document. Continue reading

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