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Episode 325: Corporatocracy: Universities Making Vassals



Corporatocracy is the central focus for the first segment. I begin the journey with putting a wet rag on the exuberant cheers of Tuesdays elections. Folks need to keep their feets on the streets and awareness of corrupt elections at the forefront. This election was a set of national to local skirmishes with some good bloodied battles won.

Remember that this war is continuum that began in 1764 with the Sugar Act. Corporatocracy /Corporatism was a primary driver in the Independence movement in the Colonies from then until now. The elections in our present time are as influence by the same spirit and energy of the board rooms and investors as was true in the Courts of the Kings of England.

With this, I pray that where the wins for the repudican party are; The Citizens that were elected govern Constitutionally and not by party spirit. Hopefully the distribution of ‘Red Pills’ will continue with a devastating effect on the Matrix but we shall see as the next lines are formed for not just another skirmish but a major counter assault by revived moral constitutionalism. Continue reading

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