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Episode 361: Rope-A-Dope IRA Funds National Religion

I’m going to keep this post simple since I go into the details of the Rope-A-Dope IRA Funds National Religion on the program.

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I am not not going to follow the trend of others and comment about the invasion of Mar-a-Lago. I will only say that – I told you so. I and a good number of other Constitutional speakers have been sounding the klaxon since 1984. No pun intended with the date. Few of the citizenry have paid attention. The least being the Evangelical pastors. No, we never wore tinfoil hats but only spoke the facts of what we saw and understood as predictable in a Godless society.

With that, if you want a rational and solid political analysis of the Mar-a-Lago invasion then you need to go to and pay attention to Doug Wilson’s post ‘Hanlon’s Razor and the Mar a Lago Raid.’

Rope-A-Dope IRA

The Rope-A-Dope here is Senator Manchin covering up for the full impact of the IRA (Inflation Reduction Act). He won out on his key energy project for West Virginia while enslaving the rest of the Republic. The Mar-a-Lago invasion is also part of the cover used by the O’Biden Administration and the high-priest of globalist ideologies such that the IRA benefits the global financial industry, China and the National Religion of Environmentalism.

Yupper, the other boxing champ in the arena is AZ Sen. Kyrsten Sinema who insisted on keeping the carried-interest loophole that allows investment managers (like her former bosses) to shield the majority of their income from higher taxes. Continue reading

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