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Episode 417: Predicted Corruption

Predicted corruption was clearly identified by thePredicted Corruption Antifederalists. The essence of Ohio Issue 1 is evidence of this predicted corruption not only in the political system but also in the pulpits, seminteries1, academia and political parties. Worse in respect to the systematic corruption of these supposedly respected entities is that of the medical system. In particular the domestic enemies fly a rainbow flag which hold to not just an ideology but also a total allegiance to everything foreign to Foundational truth, culture and created nature. As with Hamas, the promotors of Ohio Issue 1 are revolutionaries fostering a rival nation.

I am not going to delve into all I intended to cover since I will be having the producers do a rerun for this week (July 30, 2022 show, titled “Pagan Humanism – The National Religion“.) Cath ended up needing to be in the hospital and I just didn’t have the time to record and post process a new program. Just so you know, Cath is fine.

This is giving me time to put together more information for you in answering questions I received regarding my statement regarding the promoters of Ohio Issue 1 and Hamas being cut from the same root ideology. As teaser, consider that both are purveyors of ‘magic’ in the sense as ‘masters of confusion,’ ‘deceit,’ ‘power with subjugation,’ and ultimately ‘subduing humanity to shape it into their own creation,’ being gods over everyone and all else.

On the next program, I will take you into the deeper journey of both ideologies having that deep hate of the living God of all creation and their mutual intent to be gods or subject to their god.

Devolving Any Constitutional Speaker of The House:

Yes, the denouncing of Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House was predicted corruption by Patrick Henry. Read what he said would happen with the Constitution of 1787 here. What has happened this week is the fulfillment of the Administrative State to ensure a Parliamentary Democracy stays in place as the Constitution is further removed from operation so that the parallel system is not disrupted. I have spoken of this in past programs. Now we are assured that a Constitutionally functioning Republic is not going to be allowed to regain its standing for the States and Citizenry on the whole.

We are seeing the willingness of the UniParty actors allowing for the devolving of our national governance to the evil elements of, let me run a diatribe, the administrative state tyrants, the active communist despots, the subversive socialist/corporatist slavers, the radical islamists terror deceivers and the perverse (morally depraved) gender-bending deviants. In an other word, Congress. Yes, there are the few exceptions as we have seen but we now know that the establishment has no intent to recognize We The People of their districts and instead continue giving power to corporatist and lobbyists rule.

Oh, just a quick note on lobbyists – did you really consider why so many of higher education and even down to high schools, revel in pro-palestinian/hamas glee? How about Qatar spending $1 billion-plus trying to influence U.S. education, politics? And do not forget the Chinese spending for the ‘confusion institute’ and more Chinese money is flooding into American higher education — with little transparency. And again with China, ‘Understanding Connections Between China and U.S. Academia, Where funding is involved, leaders in academia should pay close attention.’ Lastly, ‘January 2019, then-Deputy Secretary of Education Mick Zais testified, “Nearly 70 percent of colleges receiving Chinese-government funding for Confucius Institutes never reported those donations to the Department of Education . . . contra federal law.” If the U.S. government doesn’t even know the extent of funding, then how can it ensure that safeguards against malicious exploitation are sufficient?’2

In my opinion, NOT a single US taxpayer penny should ever go to higher education again. Foreign nations and corporatists fund the Frankenstein they want (see the first predicted corruption that follows.) With that, we are finally getting some corporatist to Ditch College Degree as Job Requirement. Continue reading

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