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SEL Full Press

SEL Full Press Making Minions

I am re-running this program from December of 2018 since we now have the SEL full press. For Podcast See SEL: Stealing Individualism and Making Minions. States are codifying SEL making it the heart of education and very few have done anything to understand the damage it has done and is doing to families and the students. This program takes you back to 2018 when parents had even more opportunity to fight for their child’s freedom from being turned into a minion.

Now that we see the SEL full press fully activated by legislation in Ohio, I want you to hear again what I and my guest, Adam Retych, talked abut almost four years ago. Adam was a researcher in educational policy at that time. He was focussed on SEL: Social and Emotional Learning. This is a critical topic in that it can still be defunded. SEL has not been dealt with by parents, conservative Citizens and Christians who have children in government schools. Now, in 2022 we are seeing the SEL full press of the ‘state’ or ‘statism’ determining the mental health of students and defining the uniformity of social and emotional norms.

Adam and I discuss what insidiousness this is. The definition and standards sound good but the discerning ear can cut to the chase. Adam’s research is extensive in particular for Ohio yet this is impacting almost every State in the nation.

Contact me if you would like to get more information via Adam. The key information links regarding SEL are in the References section below.

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