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Episode 352 – A Puritan: Lost Religion Is A Lost Nation

Lost Religion Is A Lost Nation

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Lost Religion Is A Lost NationSamuel Adams wrote a series of articles titled A Puritan the theme that Lost Religion Is A Lost Nation. One of his concerns was that the Crown and Parliament were forcing a papal system of the Church of England into the Colonies. Worse, there were others who were philosophically attacking the foundations of religion in general such that our present day equivalent is the religion of merged ‘national humanism’ with ‘moralistic therapeutic deism.’ All with the leaders in academia as the high priests of intoxicating the citizenry with idolatry of every kind imaginable.

Sam warned then as I have been warning for two decades that ‘artful’ men and women ‘are restless to bring us into Bondage, and can be successful only when the people are in a sound sleep.’ Our national pulpits have been in a sound sleep for decades. At least for Sam and the Founders, 1768 was still in the midst of the First Great Awakening. Not until twenty years later did the nation again fall towards apostasy1.

I am addressing three specific writing of Sam this week. The first signed ‘A Puritan’ and two that were engaging George Whitefield in respect of the Stamp Act.

Modern Consideration of ‘A Puritan’

Just to restate from last week with a Sam Adams twist, When we understand that there is no morality taught in schools or even from the pulpits how do we expect the citizens to understand and value ‘your precious civil Liberty, and everything you can call dear to you, to be upon your guard against the religion of mergednational humanism’ with ‘moralistic therapeutic deism.’ Continue reading

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Episode 350: Murder Before Your Eyes

Murder Before Your EyesYou are witnessing Murder Before Your Eyes.

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When I began the research for this program I did not anticipate the shooting in Texas. It is predictable that this would happen and most likely it will happen again. Why? God is out, godless mental health blabber, defund police, destroy the 2nd Amendment and so on – is in with a false ideologies of what Constitutionalism should be based on religious, cultural and political Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. The loud mouths in media and ideologically left hate the Constitution because it is ONLY for a ‘Moral and Religious/Virtuous People.’ Worse, as I always note, Pastors do not have a Foundational Reformation or Foundational American view of truth as noted in this recent report from American Worldview Inventory 2022, Release #5: Shocking Results Concerning the Worldview of Christian Pastors.

Now, the murder going on is not only in schools when an evil person acts with a gun but through mental abuse in schools by shoving immorality, especially trans insanity, in the political arena as I discuss on almost every program. This has been happening for decades and most of the American population, especially the liberal Christian denominations and blind eye evangelicals, have a bloody hand in it.

There is NO outcry to return Christian prayer to schools. NO outcry to post the Ten Commandments back in schools. And sadly there is NO outcry to have Biblical pastors that know Foundational history in the context of the Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution teaching in seminaries-cemeteries or in the pulpits. And because there is NO OutCry from moral groups of people, public schools will not feed students K -12 that will not accepts the ‘Trans Agenda.’ Sadly, it seems it takes the left to call out the left as Bill Maher: ‘We’re Literally Experimenting on Children’ with Gender Transitions for Children.

The crux of our present situation is from inaction and roof-top-sitting Christians Not knowing Foundational theology and history thereby allowing the insurgence of non-Reformation theology since 1707 to establish individualism that is ‘self – not god’ centric. To that end, we have weak kneed, ignorant PhD’s at the pulpits and in the seminary-cemeteries, allowing these United States to be destroyed by that roof-sitting-disassociation theology and Christian acceptance of worldviews other than Biblical.

Program outline:

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