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3-9-19 George Washington’s Warning and Tory Pastors

Introduction:  Elezar Oswald

George Washington’s Warning of internationalism stresses that our liberties will be lost if we chase after what other countries have instead of holding fast to all that is natural in America. We also look at two Anti-federalists who step us through anarchy. I suggest that in these warnings of the Centinel and Alfred that we can substitute socialism as the root that fosters anarchy.

Lastly, I sat teary eyed in a public place reading and preparing for the video’s of chapters 30 through 33 of the Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution. It pains me deeply that many modern pastors are ‘Tory Traitors’ by being caught up in their ignorance and out-right refusal to know the truth of Christianity in America.

Pastors at the Foundation:

Unlike today where the predictions of Alfred ring true even regarding the Church, this is what was written in 1864 as a recap of the Foundational Pastor: Continue reading

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