Taking The Hill – Strategy Docs

I have quickly put this page up so that the links for the documents mentioned in the Program : Episode 423 – Taking The Hill – The Spirit and Basic Strategies are available.

This page will mature with more topical resources that allow for a united campaign in Taking The Hill

The Spirit

I discuss this on the program video. Yet, you need to understand, if you don’t, that the majority of those Founders who lead us into national liberty had core Biblical principles of God superintendence over all of, every aspect of, His Creation. 

If you do no believe that, then you are making efforts that will not fully coalesce as did in the founding era.

The list to follow will mature with video and blog post resources.

Know Your Enemy – Demoncrat training manuals

Roberts Rules of Oder

When you take any elected position, it is a must that you become an expert in Roberts Rules of Order. If you don’t, you will either be an observer to proceedings or become a pawn in the power-plays of the system.

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