9-21-19 Political Idolatry and Sam Adams On Marriage

Political Idolatry

This week we have seen a two sided perspective of Political Idolatry. In many ways, those that have taken a position on the Constitution make it preeminent without the Founders context. On the other hand, the Founders frame of reference was that ‘this Constitution is ONLY for a Moral and Religious People’. Many say those words but the nation does not have them in practice, especially within the halls of Congress and the bureaucracies. This Constitution and its means of governing within the framework of the document is impractical without the fundamentals of morality, religion (Christianity in the context of the Founders) and as John Adams stated the same notion, virtue.

This issue at hand is that in general, we do not have a moral and virtuous society as intended. To that point, the Christian religion is not what it was during the Founding era.

I take this Political Idolatry head on with what has been in the news this week regarding ‘Confessing Your Sins To Plants’ and ‘Confessing Your Climate Sins’. Continue reading

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9-14-19 Constitution Day: Articles of Confederation, Seminar and Book Launch

Constitution Day

While remembering Constitution Day by considering the up and coming remembrance of the present Constitution, one must understand the first Constitution – the Articles of Confederation. Sam Adams was on the Committee to draft the Articles of Confederation. His clear understanding of historical ‘republican’ systems and Biblical Reformation Liberty were critical inputs into the original structure of the Confederation.

I have chosen to re-run a program from 2018 because I don’t believe that folks, even many who think they have the Constitution figured out, really get what is happening at the National Level was predicted by the Anti-federalists. Why do I believe that? Because the Anti-federalists predicted that if the Pulpits did not continue as the Founding Pulpits, the Constitution of 1787 would lead to the ‘soft tyranny and despotism’ that De Tocqueville later wrote about.

Yes, we are Living the predictions of the Anti-federalists and the analytical writing of De Tocqueville!

Covenant and Constitution

I am promoting sections of my book, “From Covenant To The Present Constitution” in this program. Hmmm…. I still believe that everyone reading this or who listens to the program should get a copy. Heck, since I self-publish, I have to self-promote as well.

From the Original Program Promo

***These paragraphs are from the 2018 program promo.

Is there Original Intent for how our Constitution should be implemented and followed? Absolutely!!! I begin the conversation by starting at the end with a little surprising twist. We will get into this more in May and June. I will have two really good interviews in May as well.

This past Monday I was on the Daria Anne DiGiovanni program. I was a super fun interview. Here is the link to the archive on Samuel Adams Returns Archives in case you missed it.

As promised, I’m finishing off April with more of an overview of my Book “From Covenant To The Present Constitution” and discussing that we are now scheduling for the seminar beginning in June. For a signed copy of the book contact me at tom@samueladamsreturns.com You can buy it on line at the links in the References.

With that, As always, remember: The Founders wanted us to gain knowledge and get involved! Being a Citizen is an Active involvement in our political life!  Let’s get our feet on the street for this time is critical!

Join me on Saturday’s program to value the Founders perspective of the mirrors of history and the reality of the present.

And because you keep asking!


For today’s program:

1. Articles of Confederation

2. New Book: ‘From Covenant To The Present Constitution’ More about it and Free look at Author’s Notes & Introduction. Get your copy at Amazon    For a signed copy contact me at tom@samueladamsreturns.com

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9-7-19 Theology Comparison: Founding Era to the Present

Theology Comparison:

The time has arrived once more to do a Theology Comparison of the Founding Era to the Present.

With all that is in the news regarding ‘mass shootings’, ‘climate change’, ‘Antifa’, ‘education’, ‘prison reform’, ‘social issues’ and more; the comparison is such that the US is in the time of the Book of Judges – “everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” Such that the ‘Christians’ in these United States have run away from their responsibilities in governing. Continue reading

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Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution: Chapter 31 – Cotton Mather Smith

Chapter 31: Cotton Mather Smith.

The quick picture of Cotton Mather Smith: — His Birth And Parentage. — A Teacher Among The Indians. — Studies Theology. — Is Settled at Sharon, Conn. — Influence Of The Clergy Of Connecticut In Bringing About The Revolution. — His View Of The Struggle Between The Colonies And Mother Country. — The Part He Took In It. — Patriotism of his Congregation. — Is made Chaplain, and Marches to Ticonderoga. — His Devotion To The Sick. — Seized With The Camp Fever.— Returns Home. — Invasion of Burgoyne. — His Sermon just before the Final Victory at Saratoga. — Thrilling Scene. — His Character. — His Death.

Cotton Mather Smith is one of the great examples of a Foundational Christian Pastor who exemplifies the ‘extensibility’ of the Reformation Gospel. Continue reading

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8-31-19 The Law – Part 2

The Law: Part 2 

The Law as seen put into practice in our present time needs more than one discussion. The Law: Part 2 is a continuation of the historical and foundational truths regarding the supremacy of law in relationship to everything. No different then the extensibility of the Gospel, the whole law of God is manifested in every aspect of His creation. Yet we learn via the reference noted below from LONANG.COM that our foundational historical context of law degenerated about the same time as the ‘social gospel’ made its rage in America.

I somewhat delve into Federalist No. 37 in this program because Madison, as a student of Dr. Witherspoon, has a clear understanding of the fallen nature of mankind. In No. 37, Madison does more than defend the ‘convention of ’87’. He takes us on that journey that encompasses the ‘Laws Of Nature and Natures God’. He looks at natural science, psychology, authority, communication and human bias. Continue reading

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8-24-19 The Law – Man Vs God

The Law  

The Law is not just a ton of books in a lawyers office or the libraries. It is something that I have been studying all of my life. I will never receive a law degree for these studies but I do know truth to be lived. The Law is represented in every aspect of human and universal existence. By the way, Sam Adams was a deep student of The Law all of his life too.

What I am discussing in this program is the reality of universal law. What we are seeing in the United States in general is a greater surge in lawlessness. In fact the surge ebbs and tides from the landing of the Puritans to the present. What is the tidal factor? Concerning The Law, it is not the moon. Continue reading

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8-17-19 Samuel Langdon – Government Corrupted By Vice (1775)

Government Corrupted by Vice: Classmates

Samuel Langdon’s sermon Government Corrupted By Vice should be preached this very week. Sadly there are but very few in our modern times who have the courage or Orthodox Theology of a Samuel Langdon. Additionally, there is not the political, cultural support of a Johnathan Belcher to encourage such sermons.

No, instead of delivering Government Corrupted By Vice, the likes of leftists denominations in the National Council of Churches and those influential pastors in the Gospel Coalition are intent of accepting the national religion of ‘humanism’. The majority of the pulpits are reminiscent of the Tory pulpits during the Revolution. Continue reading

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8-10-19 Sovereignty, Morality, Liberty and Mayhew

Sovereignty, Morality, Liberty and Mayhew:

There is a lot of information that can be broken down very specifically on the topics of Sovereignty, Morality, Liberty and Mayhew. Yet these are all very Liberation Theologyconcrete components of the complete principled positioning of our National Foundation.

When considering the evil that occurred in El Paso and Dayton, these core principles are the missing elements being talked about and considered in the solution to not only El Paso and Dayton but the daily mass-murdering of the unborn.

Instead we have the destructive teachings of the likes of the Gospel Coalition promoting ‘Critical Theory‘ (including Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Critical Race Theory, Critical Pedagogy, Feminist Studies, Anthropology, Literary Criticism)’the Social Justice Movement‘, ‘Liberation Theology‘, and ‘Cultural Marxism‘. These are all philosophies that Johnathan Mayhew and the Pastors of our Founding era condemned. Yes, There is Nothing New Under The Sun! Continue reading

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7-27-19 Constitutional Immigration

Constitutional Immigration in Debates:

The reality that most are ignorant of is that in fact: Constitutional Immigration is a strong consideration in Founder’s Original Intent! Signing the Constitution

There are those who argue that the doors of immigration was opened wide by the Founders of these United States. Well, that is a manipulation of fact and history. This Program brings to the forefront that immigration was a hot topic, not only during the Convention Debates of 1787 but also in the States Ratifying Conventions and in a number of the Anti-federalists Papers.

The concern regarding emigration from the eastern states to the west as well as their term of ‘foreigners’ meaning immigrants arriving, Not assimilating, and then becoming elected, which would then destroy our religion, morality and virtue. During the Convention Debates Pennsylvania was used as an example of this very destruction occurring. Continue reading

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7-20-19 Vitriol of the Elected & The Kozak Plan

Vitriol of the Elected: 


Omar – Progressive Caucus Whip and member AOC whip up the dialectic Vitriol


Once again we have to consider the vitriol of the elected as nothing new under the sun. In all of human kind since the ‘fall of man’, vitriol reared its ugly head.

In this program I look back at a specific time in our nations early history. Yes, there was a lot of vitriol in a classy manner during the fight to ratify the proposed Constitution of 1787. The worse of it often happened during the Ratifying Conventions in the various States. We shall examine one instance in particular that can be viewed in respect to our modern times.

Progressive Vitriol – The Kozak Plan:

Continue reading

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