1-18-2020 Where Have All The Teachers Gone?

Disappearing Teachers?  Where Have All the Teachers Gone?

Where have all the teachers gone?” is a question that the likes of Sam Adams would be asking if we were willing to seriously consider Foundational Education. With the activism of #RedForEd and the major teachers colleges creating anything but Foundationally sound teachers, the question is even more relevant. Not only that, those moral and historically correct teachers are being persecuted, suspended and fired for example – not using the correct gender neutral pronoun.

We will be putting our toe in the water on this topic of teacher and what is allowed and not allowed particularly in the halls of K-12. Delving into this programs conversation regarding “where are the teachers” is pertinent to conversation of “Political Theology.”

Impeachment – Do Your Own Thing

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1-11-20 Political Theology Part 1

Political Theology  Political Theology

What is Political Theology? Many chant the deception of ‘Separation of Church and State’ while at the same time institutionalizing social justice, cultural marxism, socialism, climate change, immorality, non-biological compatible marriage, abortion/infanticide, euthanasia and many other belief systems. Not only have these belief systems – religions – been institutionalized but they have been codified or justified (made precedents) by the courts. Is this anything new in regard to sustaining ‘Liberty’ as assumed in the uniqueness of American Constitutionalism? Did the challenges of controversial Theological positions foster the ‘call to arms’ by the Revolutionary Founders of the United States? Did Sam Adams have a say in this Controversy? What is the simple definition of ‘religion’ and associated ‘theology?’

The simple answers are right out of Ecclesiastes 1:9 – there is nothing new under the sun and The First Commandment. Continue reading

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1-4-20 2019 Review, Deeper Look Into 2020

2019 Review

I would ask you to take a look at the previous NewsLetter regarding the “2019 Review” that I sent out on New Year Eve. In this program I will detail the statistics and bring home the value of the key areas that listeners were interested in.

As a quick point of interest, the topic of ‘moral governance’ is a most compelling area that the general citizenry does not comprehend. With the philosophy of ‘post-modernism’ flooding everything including the churches, who would expect comprehension of the basic let alone complex ideas like ‘governing’?

Deeper Look Into 2020

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12-14-19 Climate Change and Moral Legislative Governance

Climate Change and Moral Legislative Governance  Climate Change - Moral Governance

Last week I began these conversations that touched on Climate Change as well as the specifics in Dr. Dwight’s sermon regarding Moral Legislative Governance. I intended to really drill down on the various pastors and denominations that are ‘Pro-climate Change’ but became so frustrated with the convolution of Biblical positioning on this that I quite frankly puked.

My nausea in regard to Evangelicals being ‘Pro-climate Change’ is adjoined with my continued discussion of the same falling away from Biblical Reformation theology and the extensibility of the Gospel. As Dr. Dwight notes, “ Theory, on the contrary, rapid, but wild, has usually receded more than it has advanced.” More in a moment. Continue reading

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12-7-19 Morality, Common Sense, Mental Illness

Morality, Common Sense and Mental Illness

Morality, Common Sense and Mental Illness have direct correlations as one further examines the sermon of Timothy Dwight. We see that individuals in America are seeking ‘happiness’ by all means that can be contrived. Obviously by the mental and political state of US, reality and observation prove none of the theoretical man-made options fulfill the search.

I am introducing it this week but to the extent that there are denominations and independent Bible teaching churches/pastors that are falling for the deceptions of climate change, harboring illegals, caving to the morally depraved and have zero true insight to US foundational history…. well, next week will take more of that on. But for now just go back to all the programs I did regarding the Kozak Plan and you will get the full picture of what is occurring with the deamoncrat majority.

Remember, this Kozak Plan is fully functioning in every aspect of our society and governance. Proof is parents allowing and even taking their young children to ‘library transgender reading hour.’ Continue reading

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11-30-19 Thanksgiving With Sam Adams

Thanksgiving    Sam Adams Thanksgiving

I want to wish everyone an after the meal Happy Thanksgiving. We have much to be thankful for. A Thanksgiving With Sam Adams is actually from five years ago when I started on Liberty Works Radio Network. You will hear Sam Adams speaks directly to this requirement that people, politicians, a State and the Nation not only should but must give Thanks to the God of the Universe.

Reminder about Next weekend: Dec 7th and 8th  2019. See In the References.

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11-23-19 The Law? Man’s Vs. God’s

Timothy Dwight - Joseph StoryThe Law?

Lucubration of the Law? The Law? Hey, there’s a new word for you: lucubration meaning (a piece of writing, typically a pedantic or overelaborate one.) We see this overelaborated effort not only in how laws are written but also in how certain elements of Christianity have come up with their theories of new Biblical theology and philosophy.

The Law? Man’s Vs. God’s is a continuum of the conflict in time and space, our reality.

What we are witnessing in the Federal as well as in local and State governments and bureaucracies is lawlessness. I say lawlessness by virtue of what establishes foundational law and truth would support contrarian suppositions and actions to that which many ruling majorities are promulgating.

What we watching in action is man’s concept of law in action. To which results despotism, tyranny and injustice. Continue reading

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11-16-19 Calvinism 2.0 – Local Governance

Calvinism 2.0 – Local Governance

Confusion into governance

Pic on Right is a Modified Bob Connoly Cartoon

This week I am taking a first pass in my study of Calvinism 2.0. Also, I have to bring us back to Sam Adams perspective that ALL Governance is Local. So, I did title the program, “Calvinism 2.0 – Local Governance” in that it is required to have an understanding on how all governance should function in relationship to ones True understanding of the extensibility of Biblical Reformation Reality.

Sam Adams fully understood this as proven by his moniker “the Last Puritan”. To that, I have included in the references, the Congregational Quarterly, January 1869, which has a great article titled “Samuel Adams, the Last of the Puritans.” Notably, the nation in 1869 had already experienced the forethought of disappointment that Sam Adams envisioned for the Republic without a Puritan mindset. Now look at the mess we are in! Our mess is even further from the glorious hopes of that “Last Puritan” basically because of what he predicted would happen if the pulpits lost their Sound Theology of Reformation purism. Continue reading

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11-9-19 Kingdom, Profiles In Courage

Kingdom, Profiles In Courage  Profiles In Courage

I have this very Reformation and American Puritan concept of Kingdom, which demands reviewing Profiles In Courage. Now I mention JFK’s book in that he discusses several individuals that stood against the tide of political pressure from their peers.

Making it clear that I am not a classical theologian, understand that I have studied the application of Reformation and Puritan theology in some great detail. To that, Kingdom is a topic that reaches into governance in the present as much as it is a reality when one dies. Understanding who the King of kings is and what that means for living in this world is critical to governing in ones own life, family, community, work and our Constitutional Republic – be that a State or National.

Profiles In Courage

Living according to Reformation – American Puritan concepts like Samuel Adams requires correct understanding of Kingdom and acting with Profiles In Courage. To stand against tyranny in our Republic, the knowledge of such must be rightly taught and inculcated in our youth again. JFK has John Quincy Adams as his first example of this. Do you know who John Quincy Adams is or what he was doing at twelve years old? Consider that our youth today have less of a clue than you and then consider young Mr. Adams position in international affairs at that age. Continue reading

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A Sermon for Americans by Pastor Doug Wilson

I was looking to write something like “A Sermon to Americans’ but it is better preached by Pastor Wilson. 

As many of you know, I’m just a simple Citizen that has delved deep into the Foundations of America. Since my immersion in facts, hip wading through the modern mire of rewriting history – face it, this has been happening over the last 80 years – I have been able to very clearly see the relationship of Reformation Biblical reality regarding all governance.

Not to make this one of my long commentaries, I will simply note that the Link to the Sermon by Pastor Doug Wilson is one that should be echoed from every Evangelical pulpit in the land.

“A Sermon for Americans” (here’s the Link) is in the tone of those ‘Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution’ that I often speak of. It could be one that fits into the collection of ‘Election Day Sermons‘ that I speak of, although it is much shorter.

I want to thank Pastor Wilson for this sermon. I pray that those many other pastors out there will bring a like message to their congregations such that Jesus is glorified and that true Liberty once again reigns in this Land.

Remember, that as shown in the Old Testament, humanity will ebb and tide the understanding of True Liberty according to the factual preaching of the Word of God and the hearers acting accordingly.

I encourage you all to watch ”A Sermon for Americans’ and hear what is being said in this sermon. One has to hear it several times to glean all that is in it since it is impactful in every paragraph. This is a timely message that resonates with the times we are living in.


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