Samuel Adams Founding Principles of Constitutional Reality for Today

Do you really know your Rights and what the Federal Constitution really means? 
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Samuel Adams contribution to Foundational Constitutional Principles on this site leads to an extension of the historical Samuel Adams Returns

Bring US to the present – This site and blog will bring you the modern format in which the Principles of Samuel Adams can be applied to the present.

Most importantly, this site contains the the archives of the radio program “Samuel Adams Returns – The Anti-federalists Got it Right” with Tom Niewulis as your host.  This Program is  heard Saturdays at 9 AM and 7 PM Eastern at Liberty Works Radio Network.

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For the Grand Children, Pastors and Church Leaders:

Keep up with what we are doing in reading factual Truth of how the Pulpits were the solid Foundation for the development of the America. Not only spiritually but also in Culture and Governing (Politics). Follow this link to the updated Chapters of the ‘Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution’.


Government is to protect your Rights but what is the Relationship and what happened to it? Find Out In: “From Covenant To The Present Constitution Workbook”

Finally after almost 10 years of giving the presentation lectures the Workbook is here!

What has happened to the functional implementation of Founder’s Intent for the Constitution? Are those elected to office upholding their “Oath of Office”? Yes they are but not as we expect – This book tells you how and why!  What is good Governance? What has changed our implementation of our Constitutional Republic? Why do we have run-away unconstitutional bureaucracies and courts? Can we do anything about it?

The answer to these questions and more is in this book! Get a sense of the depth of insights by reading The Author’s Comments and Introduction here. And yes – Schedule to have the Author bring the presentation lecture to you!

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NOW –  “Not ALL Conservatives Are Constitutionalists

Read the Preface Excerpts  here – A book that takes a historical look at conservatism in the US in contrast to Founders intent regarding a Constitutional Republic: Constitutionalism.  Read the “” here as well as buy the book on that page or available on Amazon.

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