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4-4-20 Political Theology – The Same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow?

Revolving History

In evangelical circles over the last 40ish years I have heard preachers say, “God is the Same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!” Over these many years, I have always wondered if these were parrots chirping the words or if in fact they believed them. I’m results oriented. I believe that ‘words’ have meanings. As I discussed, when reacquainting with a O’l Navy shipmate now top theologian, I believe we live our eternity Now. And I absolutely believe that God is unequivocally the Same Today as well as Yesterday and Tomorrow.

What’s all that have to do with the present panic and political theology? Continue reading

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3-7-2020 What Gender is Your Library?

What Gender is Your Library?  What Gender is Your Library

In Ohio, State wide libraries get over $400,000,000.00 in funding as well as local property tax levy money. From this, can you answer ‘What Gender is Your Library?’

This is an interesting question when it comes to Geauga County Ohio in that the Library Board believes it is not accountable to the tax payer, the County Commissioners nor the appointing Judges of the Common Pleas Court. In fact, it seems that the Seven Member Board are intent on pressing Local Political Theology of gender dysphoria into a forum for teens.

Can it be that these Seven appointed individuals do not understand the moral positions of the majority and are intent on ignoring a letter from the Ohio Speaker of the House? More important, Are they intent on defining – What Gender is Your Library?

Unpacking the Issue

On this program my guest is Jim Mac Neal. Not withstanding Jim’s technical and engineering background, he will Unpack the Issue of What Gender is Your Library. Jim has studied the section of the Ohio Revised Code that brought the Library Boards into existence. His insights should resonate with all Ohioans as well as reach across the whole US on this topic.

Jim and I have an informative and engaging conversation in respect to what Sam Adams always noted – That all politics is local and that their must be moral continuity in all local politics.

Christian Confusion

It is obvious by the non-participation of strong evangelicals at the various agency board meetings codified by state constitutions, that they have no use for ‘living peacefully’ in this nation. The issue of What Gender is Your Library is in the forefront because Christians are confused about their biologics and gender. Look at the Pew Report in the references: “Six-in-ten Christians say gender determined at birth; six-in-ten religious ‘nones’ disagree.”

When the pulpits refuse to engage the extensibility of the Gospel as the Sovereign Authority in every aspect of life – including culture and politics – then they are culpable in the demise and destruction of both.

Action Item

Get to the next Library Board meeting in you county!

The one in Geauga County is mentioned in the program.

Take action or morality will be legislated or ruled out of the public square by even the religious that accept immorality.

Sam Adams Wisdom:

“Were the talents and virtues which Heaven has bestowed upon men given merely to make them more obedient drudges, to be sacrificed to the follies and ambitions of the few? Or were not the noble gifts so equally dispensed with a divine purpose and law that they should as nearly as possible be equally exerted, and the blessings of poverty be equally enjoyed by all Away, then, with those absurd systems, which, to gratify the pride of a few, debase the greatest part of our species below the order of men. What an affront to the King of the universe, to maintain that the happiness of a monster sunk in debauchery and spreading desolation and murder among men, of a Caligula, a Nero, or a Charles, ° is more precious in His sight than that of millions of His suppliant creatures, who do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God!” – Writings of Sam Adams Volume I

And because you keep asking!


For today’s program:

1. Transgenderism: A Christian Perspective – Journal on Reformed Faith and Practice

2. Pew Report: Views of transgender issues divide along religious lines

3. Public Libraries – American Library Association – Chapter 5

4. A Public Library Canceled a Drag Class After Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder, Other Republicans, Got Angry

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2-22-20 Davos 1776 – A Question of Economics

Davos 1776  The New Global Mercantilism

Davos and Davos 1776 are parallels in history. I often comment that there is ‘Nothing New Under the Sun.’ The location is different in that Switzerland was know as the bastion and root of the Reformation while now it is the bastion for the ‘World Economic Forum.’ Ha… and dispensationalists thought that Brussels was the ‘beast!’

Clarification, there is nothing wrong with working hard and smart to develop wealth. Yet, to assume that ones wealth allows them to be the leader and lord of all things is antithetical to Foundational Biblical and American principles.

Just to quote an interesting observation from 2017 (the article is in the references):

“(People) have witnessed the rise of the Davos class, a hyper-connected network of banking and tech billionaires, elected leaders who are awfully cosy with those interests (neoliberal policies), and Hollywood celebrities who make the whole thing seem unbearably glamorous,” Naomi Klein, an author and social activist said in an opinion piece for The Guardian newspaper just a day after Trump’s victory in November. Continue reading

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2-15-20 Adam Retych Talking Israel

Adam Retych Complexity of Situation

I am delighted to have Adam Retych back on the program Talking Israel. Many of you will remember Adam from last year as he brought us fantastic insights into SEL.

Adam is a friend who is in his second year of college and getting ready to move into additional challenges as he will be taking on his major studies throughout the summer and into the next couple of years.

I know, you are still scratching your head… SEL??? Remember the Ohio Board of Education plans regarding Social Emotional Learning. Go back and review what Adam enlightened us about regard this topic in these two programs:

December 2018 SEL: Stealing Individualism and Making Minions

April 2019 4-6-19 Ohio SEL and Electoral College

Talking Israel

Adam Retych spent about ten days in Israel last summer. He did it as a boots on the ground investigative student. He had a number of questions regarding the facts about modern Israel. Based on what Adam learned, He is Talking Israel; modern Israel as he sought the answers to his questions as well as developed more.

We engage in a conversation that focusses on the Palestinian issue as Adam was able to consider key facets from the historical to the present. I appreciate his insights and fresh thoughts on this issue that will help all listeners get a boots on the ground perspective.

As we are Talking Israel, the intent is to give this first hand perspective to conservatives and Christians that do not have the same experiences as Adam. Hopefully this is the beginning of more questions for all interested in this topic.

Thank You Adam!

Sam Adams Wisdom – Anecdote


The papers of Samuel Adams’ day contained many political satires, directed at different parties, according to the political bias of the papers, usually personal, often disrespectful, even irreverent, sometimes witty, but generally finding their point in local fitness and the relish which personality always gives to newspaper squibs. In Rivington’s Royal “Gazette, “ on the occasion of a day of general thanksgiving being appointed by the Massachusetts Congress, appeared the following:


(“A Grace for the Port of Boston.)

Thanks to Hancock for thanksgiving:

Thanks to God for our good living:

Thanks to Gage for hindering evil:

and for source of discord civil,

Thanks to Adams and the devil.”


Whatever may have been the private views of Mr. Adams with regard to the ultimate future and independence of the colonies, no one can read the letters and petitions to the government, framed and many of them penned by Samuel Adams, up to 1769, and fail to observe and admire the clearness and moderation with which the grievances are stated, as well as the firmness with which their rights are asserted.

Yet an incident related by Mrs. Hanna Wells, Mr. Adams/ daugher, shows how little faith he himself had in the mercy or justice of the king.

The young girl remarked, as she glanced over the petition to the king, “That paper will soon be touched by the royal hand.” Her father quickly replied, “It will, my dear, more likely be spurned by the royal foot.”

– the above from: Samuel Adams Great Americans of History, Pages 161 and 162

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2-8-20 Public Schools – To Pray Or Not?

Public Schools – To Pray Or Not? Espinoza Vs Montana Dept of Rev

President Trump is adjusting the bureaucratic rules regarding public prayer. The question relates to the Public Schools – To Pray Or Not?

The commentary for today is on this national controversy of Political Theology that reaches to the very core of the ability to pray and deeper into the Constitutional Right of children to pray.

I am just scratching the surface on this topic since we have many adjustments being made bureaucratically to existing law and Supreme Court debacles. We have seen decades of Court actions along with political and bureaucratic destruction of our Foundational soul for our Citizens and the Republic.

The Supreme Court Again

There is a current case before the Supreme Court that has many ramifications not only in the discussion on prayer but also regarding the potential definition of what will be the national religion. As with all the programs, the links to this case are in the References. The case deals with a modern tax-credit scholarships program in Montana. What is interesting is that the controversy is based on a law passed in the 1800’s which ostracized the Catholics from getting tax relief as the predominant Protestants were receiving. This case is bigger than the alligators coming back from the past.

Sepinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue is well articulated in full in The Federalist article (Reference #2) by Joy Pullmann. One point she makes is,

The truth is that there is no neutrality about religion. To not believe in God is a religious belief, just as believing in God is a religious belief. To include the Bible in curricula is a religious decision, just like not including the Bible in curricula is a religious decision.

To pray or not to pray: both are religious questions. Both teach something about the importance, existence, and nature of religion, as does every other decision about a school’s instruction, teaching methods, and priorities. Instruction techniques must change based on whether one holds the religious view that humans are by nature sinful or the competing religious view that humans are born perfect and corrupted by institutions.”

She ends the article with,

The Supreme Court has spent a century attacking religion under the guise of neutrality. Its decision on this case could reverse more than a century of injustice that the court has until now pushed apace.”

Will this matter at the local level? Will local administrators allow Public Schools – To Pray Or Not?


How will the allowance for Public School – To Pray Or Not be implemented. The reality is that the beastly bureaucratic machine at the Federal level is changing up many of the rules. This has not been done since the second Bush administration. But what happens at the local level?

Well, the ACLU is already gearing up to fight for their no-belief-beliefs at the local levels. What about YOU? What will you consider at your local school and school board. Will you study the newly revised bureaucratic rules that affect whether students in Public Schools can pray and how they can do that? Or, will those who are against Christianity be the ones, as they already are, in the school board meetings and in front of school administrators pushing their religion and agendas?

What are you willing to get out of your seat to act upon? What pastors will take to the groundwork necessary to affect what is going on in the Public classroom or will they continue to submit education to the religions of the god of the world?

Reference #7 has the link to the actual rule changes.

Impeachment Madness Over – for now

Not to minimize the significance of this – We all must be in Thanksgiving to the Sovereignty of God for this large step of triumph over evil! Individual pray for this President and the maintenance of the Republic is required to keep the nation on a course of true justice and a civil society. This is not just a political issue – it is amongst various denominations a question of eschatology and a clear understanding of God’s Sovereignty.

Let it be warned that the enemies of the Biblical Reformation God are the enemies of the Republic and they will not stop acting to enslave the Citizenry as well as destroy the Republic.

Sam Adams Wisdom – Active Prayer:


[MS., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.] PHILADE Sept 30 1778

Excerpt regarding an introduction of Mr. Cooper’s Son: Sam writes – “I introducd your Son to your old Friend the President who receivd him with great Courtesy. Upon my hinting to the President that if he had publick Letters to send to Boston, this young Gentleman would take good Care of them, and it would be the Means of providing him with an Horse for his Journey, he very politely told me he should be glad [to] serve him in that Way, He as well as Monsr Girard having Letters which mt be as well sent by him as by any other Person. I assure you it is not Flattery to tell you that I am exceedingly pleasd with your Son. His modest Assurance is very engaging. If his Life is spared and his Morals well fixed, I think he will make an excellent Citizen. That the Children of N England may rise and serve God & their Country in the Room of their Fathers is the most ardent Prayer of

your cordial Friend,”


FEBRUARY 19, 1794

[Independent Chronicle, March 6, 1794 , No. 3764 of the Leffingwell sale appears to have been a manuscript of this text.]

Commonwealth of Massachusetts [Seal]



IT having been the invariable practice from time to time when our pious and renowned ancestors took possession of this land, at the approaching season of the year, to set apart a day publickly to acknowledge an entire dependence on the Father of all Mercies for every needful blessing, and to express sorrow and repenntace for the manifold transgressions of His Holy Laws: And the Practice being highly becoming all people, especially those who profess the Christian Religion:

I HAVE thought fit, by, and with the advice of the Council to appoint THURSDAY, the Seventeenth day of APRIL next, to be observed throughout this Commonwealth, as a day of PUBLIC FASTING, HUMILIATION and PRAYER; earnestly exhorting the Ministers of Religion to assemble with their respective Congregations on the same day—that deeply lamenting our ingratitude to our Heavenly Father, to whom we are under all possible obligations, and our many deviations from those right and safe Paths, into which, as our Supreme Governor, HE hath plainly directed us, we may with one heart and voice humbly implore His gracious and free pardon, thro’ JESUS CHRIST, supplicating His Divine aid that we may become a reformed and happy people. At the same time humbly beseeching HIM, mercifully to regard our lives and health, so that no infectious and mortal distemper may prevail amongst us: To favour our land with the alternate benefits of rain and warmth of the Sun; and that our hopes of a plentiful harvest may not be disappointed by devouring insects, or any other calamity:—To prosper our trade and fishery, and the labor of our hands:—To protect our navigation from the rapacious hands of invaders and robbers on the seas, and graciously to open a door of deliverance to our fellow-citizens in cruel captivity in a land of Barbarians:—To continue and confirm our civil and religious liberties; and for that great purpose to bless and direct our great University, and all Seminaries and Schools of education:— To guide and succeed the Councils of our Federal Government, as well as those of the several States in the Union, that under their respective Constitutions they may be led to such decisions as will establish the liberty, peace, safety, and honor of our country:— To inspire our friends and allies, the Republic of France, with a spirit of wisdom and true religion, that relying on the strength of HIS Almighty Arm, they may still go on prosperously till their arduous conflict for a government of their own, founded on the just and equal rights of men, shall be finally crowned with success:—And above all, to cause the Religion of JESUS CHRIST, in its true spirit, to spread far and wide, till the whole earth shall be filled with HIS glory.

And I do earnestly commend that all unnecessary labor and recreation be suspended on said day.

GIVEN at the Council-Chamber, in Boston, the Nineteenth day of February in the year of our LORD, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety-Four, and in the Eighteenth Year of the Independence of the United States of America.


And because you keep asking!


For today’s program:

1. Trump uses National Prayer Breakfast to gloat about impeachment acquittal while standing just feet from Nancy Pelosi, Business Insider

2. Supreme Court To Decide If Atheism Can Keep Its Monopoly On K-12 Schools, The Federalist

3. The Court Case That Could Finally Take Down Antiquated Anti-Catholic Laws, The Atlantic

4. The FAQs: Trump Administration Issues Clarification on Religious Freedom in Public Schools and Colleges, The Gospel Coalition

5. Religion in the Public Schools, Pew Research Center

6. Trump administration rolls out new federal guidance for prayer in public schools, Chicago WGN 9

7. Trump Administration Reaffirms Regulations on School Prayer, Council for Exceptional Children

8. Samuel Adams Quotes from The Writings of Samuel Adams Volume IV. Pages 52 and 200.

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2-1-2020 Political Theology Part 2 – Eliminate History

Political Theology Part 2  Moral Relativism

Political Theology Part 2 is the next installment in that the two-hundred and twenty year downward spiral of Foundational truth, philosophy and Reformation Christianity. Over the course of the last two weeks I’ve continued to research the decline of our National Heritage, being Reformation Orthodox Christianity.

It continuously appears that America has never really been able to make a full disconnect from the travesties that occur in England or on the European Continent. This is in complete context to that which Lord North said should be the subversive means of destroying the Liberty mindedness of We The People. His effectively stated that – if the frivolity of the Continent (Europe) was introduced and kept at the forefront of the Colonies; they would lose their desire for liberty. This is still true in our present time!

Not only frivolity but the vain philosophies that came as part of education in the 1700’s. That being the so called scholars, theologians or political ideologies. Let’s not get all mushy and put clarity aside when considering the Foundational Religious positioning during the kick start of this Nation. I’m talking this on the program. Continue reading

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1-25-2020 Grin and Bare It or Get Your Feet On the Streets!

Grin and Bare It

This week has taken some interesting twist therefore, I am running this program from 2016 that never was posted at The message is the same for 2020, either you have to Grin and Bare It or Get Your Feet On the Streets! The 2020 election cycle is critical. Primaries are just over a month away. Then, the Heat is on toward November!

The following is the promo from 2016 and is still relevant today.

Thinking of the 2016 elections and the present election cycle: Staying at the forefront of this weeks events are the differences between keeping the corruption in politics or making an attempt at returning to some direction of leadership and integrity. The deceit regarding a States Right to manage immigration coming out of the demoncrats is completely globalistic and communistic. I talked about immigration and the Rights of the States to reject this forced debacle for almost three weeks in previous programs. Continue reading

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1-18-2020 Where Have All The Teachers Gone?

Disappearing Teachers?  Where Have All the Teachers Gone?

Where have all the teachers gone?” is a question that the likes of Sam Adams would be asking if we were willing to seriously consider Foundational Education. With the activism of #RedForEd and the major teachers colleges creating anything but Foundationally sound teachers, the question is even more relevant. Not only that, those moral and historically correct teachers are being persecuted, suspended and fired for example – not using the correct gender neutral pronoun.

We will be putting our toe in the water on this topic of teacher and what is allowed and not allowed particularly in the halls of K-12. Delving into this programs conversation regarding “where are the teachers” is pertinent to conversation of “Political Theology.”

Impeachment – Do Your Own Thing

Continue reading

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1-11-20 Political Theology Part 1

Political Theology  Political Theology

What is Political Theology? Many chant the deception of ‘Separation of Church and State’ while at the same time institutionalizing social justice, cultural marxism, socialism, climate change, immorality, non-biological compatible marriage, abortion/infanticide, euthanasia and many other belief systems. Not only have these belief systems – religions – been institutionalized but they have been codified or justified (made precedents) by the courts. Is this anything new in regard to sustaining ‘Liberty’ as assumed in the uniqueness of American Constitutionalism? Did the challenges of controversial Theological positions foster the ‘call to arms’ by the Revolutionary Founders of the United States? Did Sam Adams have a say in this Controversy? What is the simple definition of ‘religion’ and associated ‘theology?’

The simple answers are right out of Ecclesiastes 1:9 – there is nothing new under the sun and The First Commandment. Continue reading

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1-4-20 2019 Review, Deeper Look Into 2020

2019 Review

I would ask you to take a look at the previous NewsLetter regarding the “2019 Review” that I sent out on New Year Eve. In this program I will detail the statistics and bring home the value of the key areas that listeners were interested in.

As a quick point of interest, the topic of ‘moral governance’ is a most compelling area that the general citizenry does not comprehend. With the philosophy of ‘post-modernism’ flooding everything including the churches, who would expect comprehension of the basic let alone complex ideas like ‘governing’?

Deeper Look Into 2020

Continue reading

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