10-22-16 Candidus Revisited. The Heavy Yoke of Slavery, You Deserve It.

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Once again I have to take us back to Samuel Adams and the article he wrote in 1771 as Candidus. Sam Adams referred to this great Roman patriot simply because, unlike our present population, the people knew who Tiberius Claudius Candidus was. They knew him as the Roman general who fought against Emperor Pescennius Niger in 193. When one reads the History of Roman Generals one gets the sense that Candidus was the originator of the Roman version of Special Ops.

What is critical for this week is that Sam Adams wrote in 1771 as clearly as if he was writing this week. His opening point being, “I Believe that no people ever yet groaned under the heavy yoke of slavery, but when they deserv’d it. This may be called a severe censure upon by far the greatest part of the nations in the world who are involv’d in the misery of servitude: But however they may be thought by some to deserve commiseration, the censure is just.”

He goes on to talk about the great Reformation leader in Switzerland Zuinglius, also known as Zwingli, and how he challenged the citizens and leaders to fight off tyranny or suffer with the oppressors. Adams establishes what we are experiencing with the demoncrat party, the party of socialist/communist and globalist who are directly opposed to Foundational Liberty.

I discuss once again this great newspaper article that calls us to forever fight for Liberty at all cost. Not only that, I open the program again identifying that it is me and the Evangelical/Reformed/conservative Christian Community that has allowed the Trump phenomena to become what it is.

I challenge you, as your Action Item for this week, to read the Article written October 14, 1771.

The Founders wanted us to gain knowledge and get involved! Being a Citizen is an Active involvement in our political life! Let’s get our feet on the street for this time is critical.

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