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Episode 438: Mercy, Lawfare and Discouragements – It’s On You To Do

See the link for the video of ‘Mercy, Lawfare and Discouragements’ at Rumble or YouTube

This weeks program ‘Mercy, Lawfare and Discouragements’ is straight out of the predictive works of Mercy Otis Warren and the sharp arguments during the 1760’s of Samuel Adams.

Mercy is predictive of our present in her work ‘Observations on the New Constitution By a Columbian Patriot,’ 1788. I will highlight the fundamentals that are distinctives of liberty,History of Mercy slavery, tyranny and despotism brought on by a Centralized government allowed for in the framework of the Constitution. Mercy lays it out plainly in this Anti-federalist pamphlet.

Sam Adams being an older contemporary of Mercy, grinds into preventative policy to advert the lawfare of 1764 as well as the discouragements to commerce, liberty, property and civil society in the Letter of Instruction to those elected to the Massachusetts Colonial House of Representatives.

History No Longer

History no longer holds any significance in ensuring that enshrined principles of governing humanity in a republic matter. In fact, as clearly pointed out in my programs over the last month, political and economic theology are rooted in the humanism of the last one-hundred years. Even more so now, the ‘progressives’ not only desire but are fully wiping fundamental history, virtue, morals and principles out of the common mechanisms of education, business, government and yes, even religion.

The Following is a direct quote from the Preface of ‘The Biblical Structure of History’ by Gary North, pages xii and xiii.

C. Gregg ‘Singer’s essay was titled “The Problem of Historical Interpretation.” He began his essay with this paragraph:

Some five years ago at an annual meeting of the American Historical Association the writer had the occasion to meet informally with a group of the more famous historians in attendance at that conference. The subject under discussion was the meaning and purpose of history. These half-dozen scholars were of the opinion that history lacks any decisive meaning and any discernible purpose. The writer then posed to this group of distinguished scholars one question: If this be the case, then why do we teach history? The scholars looked at him with surprise and even disgust, but no answer was forthcoming from any of them. The group broke up as each went to his own particular luncheon group and discussion of various phases of a subject which they could not really justify as part of a college curriculum and yet which they continue to teach as if the knowledge of it had some inherent value.

In the second paragraph, he drew a conclusion regarding the world of humanist academia:

This incident is by no means unique. The professional historians in this country and in Europe have come to the place where they have little faith in the subject to which they have devoted their lives. Historians with increasing and distressing frequency are openly admitting that history has no meaning and shows little or no purpose or goals. But neither is this anti-intellectual attitude peculiar to the professional historians. The existentialist and positive philosophies have entered into the thinking of most areas of human thought and activity with devastating results. In conjunction with the Freudian school in psychology, they have made irrationalism and anti-intellectualism fashionable and have virtually removed the concepts of purpose and meaning from the thinking of many historians and those who proclaim themselves to be “social scientists.”

His assessment was correct. Leading historians in 1970 no longer had faith that history reveals any authoritative meaning or purpose. This lack of faith is far more widespread today. It had been building for half a century before Singer wrote his essay.’

Just my 2¢ is that defining and teaching history is now the scripting of ideologist instead of researched fact with foundation.

Starting with Mercy  Continue reading

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Episode 437: Theology Matters – Sodom 2.0

See the link for the video of ‘Theology Matters – Sodom 2.0’ at Rumble or YouTube

It is without any doubt and obvious to any person with good reasoning that theology matters in all things, especially governance. Two weeks ago I posited

Theology Matters

What is the Oath taken to? Do they live by the Creed of their god(s)?

the concept of a Christian Nationalist Congress. With the fact that Congress is made up of so many Christians, they should be governing as principled moral persons in a Christian Republic. Well, based on analyzing their theologies, I should say the theologies and teachings of their pastors, Congress is governing according to their corrupt and heretical Sadducee like perverse theologies.

Contrasting the o’Biden Declaration of this past Easter with the Founding Presidents and early states governors, one can find, with simple search engine quarries, that previous Presidents from the foundation of the Republic, made declarations of prayer, fasting, thanksgiving and humiliation a respected and dutiful occasion. Yes, o’Biden’s theology prompted his March 31st 2024 declaration.

More Than Opening Comments

Now, As noted two weeks ago, expounded in this weeks programs first segment, I will give a more clear picture as to why Congress is all over the map in policy and law, not just in economics but in every other aspect of what it has assumed control over.

Let me begin with the foundational truth that the Federal government by acts of Congress have become what Hamilton and other deep rooted Federalists dreamed of, a Consolidated national government. To repeat, The Anti-federalists warned of this.

Why is this topic important? Simple, the media, liberal pastors, academics and political leaders have now become the spiritual leaders declaring what is scripturally correct. Just to get a quick perspective, see the opening to Bannons War Room Episode 3506: The Lefts Expunging Of Whiteness Out Of The Evangelical Movement. This is just the tip of the many icebergs colliding in the sea of confusion and demagoguery established by these decedents of self-aggrandized demigods. Hmmm, I guess the genetics of the Naphalim are those on main stream media and more. Continue reading

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Episode 436 – Speaker Johnson’s Failures Leading To Complete Economic Thralldom – Herding The CIN

See the link for the video of ‘Speaker Johnson’s Failures Leading To Complete Economic Thralldom – Herding The CIN’ at Rumble or YouTube

Last weeks program is missing since I had a lot of study to prepare for this weeks ‘Speaker Johnson’s Failures Leading To Complete Economic Thralldom – Herding The CIN.’economic thralldom - herding the CIN Johnson is Herding the CIN problem in the House of Representatives. More on CIN in ‘The Rest of The Story Section.’ The reality is that his failures have begun at the pulpit of every Congressional Member ‘identifying’ as Christian. According to the referenced #3 Pew Report, we have a great majority which have ‘identified’ as a Christian Congress. Does this mean we have Christian Nationalism?

I take the position of failure for Speaker Johnson in that the economic policies as well as the majority of legislation being brought forward for passage in the House, is not in alignment with his adult life efforts at the Alliance Defending Freedom, nor his time with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. He is not alone in these failures of policy and law. There are many particular failures stampeding the Citizenry into economic thralldom. These failures also extend to the numerous Protestants and few Catholics in Congress, who but for a few, ‘identify’ with a god/religion contrary to Foundational Christianity. Therefore, they act and vote according to the theology of that or those contrarian god(s). Along with these National Congressional Christians, don’t forget the multitudes of bureaucrats across all levels of governance who ‘identify’ as Christian but bow to another by doing the bidding of that god – the state.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Regarding the topics of Economic Thralldom, Economic Theology and Congress Members ‘identifying’ as Christian is a major rabbit hole, or I should say black hole, that I can easily run us all deeply down into. Additionally in the Reference section, there is a lot of information as to what real and meaningful legislation or resolutions Speaker Johnson sponsored – Well, not so meaningful, just typical for the Establishment feel good or tweaking law type stuff. Again, you can go to the references to see what he sponsored, co-sponsored and how he voted during his time in Congress.

All I can asses respecting Speaker Johnson’s failures and the 118th Congress is that we have and can expect ‘more of the same road apples in the parade with no shovels and buckets that followup on the droppings.’ Imagine that marching band, never breaking formation having to follow on.

The following quote I am presenting next is not out of place for this week. When you really have a complete understanding of the full content of this posting: That of the Majority of Members in Congress being Christian.

Sam Adams wrote: Continue reading

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Episode 435: No Truth, No Reason, Hence Conniving Grand Manipulation – Part 5

See the link for the video of ‘No Truth, No Reason, Hence Conniving Grand Manipulation – Part 5: Church and State Theological Polity Muddle’ at Rumble or YouTube 

No Truth, No Reason, Hence Conniving Grand Manipulation – Part 5 is the last segment in this series regarding Church and State Theological Polity Muddle. Some of you are wiping your brows with thankful relief that this series is over. Yet, the facts, no, the reality is that Church and State have their theologies muddled (see definitions), which then formulates their polity (see definitions).

No truth No reason

As anyone watching the various forms of programing / media available as well as the masterful grand manipulation of the global masses via the ChicomFlu, it is obvious humanity, especially U. S. Citizens have lost their abilities to know Truth and Reason reality. Across the board people have been manipulated through the polity of government, the state, as well as regarding cultural concerns, manipulated through the polity of the church.

Our present was warned of by Francis Schaeffer in his 1976 book, The Church at the End of the 20th Century.

This week I am melding common themes of the Anti-federalist with the sections from Schaeffer that pointed to our present in such detail that it is no wonder that we are under condemnation. All the cards were laid on the table and the Christians, particularly in the U. S. never took a seat at the table let alone looked at what was laid out.

Opening ‘Comments

Let the Anti-federalist Alfred begin, (my emphasis added in bold underline)

…when I see these things, I cannot be brought to believe that America is in that deplorable ruined condition which some designing politicians represent; or that we are in a state of anarchy beyond redemption, unless we adopt, without any addition or amendment, the new constitution proposed by the late convention; a constitution which, in my humble opinion, contains the seeds and scions of slavery and despotism. When the volume of American constitutions1 [by John Adams] first made its appearance in Europe, we find some of the most eminent political writers of the present age, and the reviewers of literature, full of admiration and declaring they had never before seen so much good sense, freedom, and real wisdom in one publication. Our good friend Dr. [Richard] Price was charmed, and almost prophesied the near approach of the happy days of the millennium. We have lived under these constitutions; and, after the experience of a few years, some among us are ready to trample them under their feet, though they have been esteemed, even by our enemies, as “pearls of great price.”

Let us not, ye lovers of freedom, be rash and hasty. Perhaps the real evils we labor under do not arise from these systems. There may be other causes to which our misfortunes may be properly attributed. Read the American constitutions, and you will find our essential rights and privileges well guarded and secured. May not our manners be the source of our national evils? May not our attachment to foreign trade increase them? Have we not acted imprudently in exporting almost all our gold and silver for foreign luxuries? It is now acknowledged that we have not a sufficient quantity of the precious metals to answer the various purposes of government and commerce; and without a breach of charity, it may be said, that this deficiency arises from the want of public virtue, in preferring private interest to every other consideration.

What I am tying together from this quote to Schaeffer’s book are the points on ‘designing politicians,’ ‘state of anarchy,’ ‘the seeds and scions of slavery and despotism,’ the two bolded/underlined questions as well as the ‘want of public virtue.’

There is a good number of developing points that Schaeffer brings to bear in Chapters 6 (the threat of silence) and Chapter 7 (modern man the manipulator) that are critical to our present and representative of what the Anti-federalists warned concerning ‘designing men or politicians,’ as well as respecting ‘truth.’

I will say it straight out: Our destructive state and national governments and bureaucracies, being as Webster notes, ‘Every branch of our civil polity supports and is supported, regulates and is regulated by the rest.’ are now so entwined as the Gordian Knot, it will take a sword of Reformation and Revival to cut through so that the truth of liberty can make a constitutional republic function again.

The Rest of The Story

Continue reading

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Episode 434: From Commerce to The Christian Republic – Part 4 – Ezra Stiles

See the link for the video of ‘From Commerce to The Christian Republic – Part 4: Church and State Theological Polity Muddle’ at Rumble or YouTube 

This week in From Commerce to The Christian Republic, Ezra Stiles gives us details ofPart 4 foundational government, government lead by idolaters, deist or Christians. I finish off this part of ‘Church and State Theological Polity Muddle, by ending Dr. Stiles sermon in which he gives a deep study regarding international history and the great potential positive effects of the full extensibility of Christianity in every aspect of governance. Most Christians or pastors have never heard of any of this.

I am opening this program with a question form a listener and Board Member regarding the third Segment of Episode 429. As it turns out, this is a perfect segue into this weeks program regarding the second section that Stiles is emphasizing, The Christian Republic. Yes, this sermon is a detailed account of American and international history regarding what we now hear as ‘Christian Nationalism.’

Before I get into the opening, It is most important that you hear from the Editor of ‘Pulpits Of The Revolution.’ Dr. Thornton, in his 1876 Preface states:

THE true alliance between Politics and Religion is the lesson inculcated in this volume of Sermons, and apparent in its title, “THE PULPIT OF THE REVOLUTION.” It is the voice of the Fathers of the Republic, enforced by their example. They invoked God in their civil assemblies, called upon their chosen teachers of religion for counsel from the Bible, and recognized its precepts as the law of their public conduct. The Fathers did not divorce politics and religion, but they denounced the separation as ungodly. They prepared for the struggle, and went into battle, not as soldiers of fortune, but, like Cromwell and the soldiers of the Commonwealth, with the Word of God in their hearts, and trusting in him. This was the secret of that moral energy which sustained the Republic in its material weakness against superior numbers, and discipline, and all the power of England. To these Sermons – the responses from the Pulpit – the State affixed its imprimatur, and thus they were handed down to future generations with a two-fold claim to respect.

Therefore, in our Founding Era Christian principled leadership prevailed. Now, at best, deist humanism prevails, even with the Evangelicals in politics, bureaucracies, judiciary and business.

I wonder, how many pulpits are really full of deist1 masquerading as Evangelicals? Worse, for the most part, modern pulpits are not even a clouded remote reflection of the comments by Dr. Thornton regarding ‘The Pulpit Of The Revolution.

Opening ‘Comments

Continuing with the Referenced Sermon pdf, starting on page 19 and then after detailing the economic value, growth and abilities of the newly formed States, Stiles goes on to give great homage to George Washington and other foundational leaders, including Samuel Adams. He even gives details on American inventions and inventors.

Then, as Dr. Stiles moves into Section II of the sermon, he sets the presupposition for the best form of government, that is even beneficial for secularists. He knows the unregenerate human heart and mind in governing as with: Continue reading

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Episode 433: Nationalism – Part 3: Church and State Theological Polity Muddle – Ezra Stiles

See the link for the video of ‘Nationalism – Part 3: Church and State Theological Polity Muddle’ at Rumble or YouTube 

This week in Nationalism – Part 3: Church and State Theological Polity Muddle, Ezra Stiles gives us details of foundational Nationalism, I might add Christian to the to that. Stiles gives a deep study regarding national and international history that most have never heard.Nationalism

Yes, nations are judged as we are in this present time. Stiles lays this out with clear understanding.

Through Stiles we will cover the plight of the illegals rapacious flooding of our borders with historical context of enslaved people moving from one set of masters to another. In this 1783 sermon, I also cover the very tip of the iceberg for the Biblical foundation of ‘Just War Theory / Theology.’

And for this week, I am only covering the first twenty pages of the fifty-three page sermon. Therefore, I will be ending where it really begins to highlight A Nation elevated to Glory and Honor.

I have to speedily take you into all that Stiles introduced in these first twenty pages. There is historical significance you will not get anywhere else, and yes, pastors never get this unless they have a heart and mind to understand the full extensibility of God’s sovereignty.

Opening Comments

A quote from the sermon for you to chew on and then a bit of a bio on Rev. Ezra Stiles. Continue reading

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Episode 432 – Civil War: Part 2 – Church and State Theological Polity Muddle

See the link for the video of ‘Civil War? Part 2 – Church and State Theological Polity Muddle’ at Rumble or YouTube

With all that is happening at the border and more, I delve into the present rumblings of Civl War – Part 2 – Church and State Theological Polity Muddle. I finish with Mayhew, who discusses what civil warCivil War would do to the nation. Remember that the Colonies were part of the nation of Great Britain. The American Revolution was actually a Civil War. Consider Reference #1 by John Kudla below.Mayhew does delve into what it is to ultimately understand God given Rights and act accordingly to preserve them?

Our Citizenry, for the most part, have no realistic clue as to the fundamentals of God given Rights. Those bellowing and blowing in the wind are humanistic statists, on the ‘left’ and ‘right’. Therefore they view Rights relativistically, having no moral order from the existence of a Biblical God who is active in His creation. Therefore, unlike the Citizens during the founding era, indigenous (the Webster 1828 definition) US Citizens are not prepared for Civil War or even defending the Republic from political enemies and those now here from the border invasion (read This Weeks News Articles Resources #2.)

Mayhew establishes the ‘Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate’ in how the Stamp Act was addressed. What does that mean for us when the Citizenry and those serving in any level of government activities have zero to limited comprehension of how to apply this foundational truth?

Ezra Stiles opened his sermon, which we will discuss next week, with:

These events have been so ordered as to become a display of retribution and sovereignty; for, while the good and evil hitherto felt by this people have been dispensed in the way of exact national retribution, their ultimate glory and honor will be of the divine sovereignty, with a “Not for your sakes do I this, saith the Lord, be it known unto you, but for mine holy name’s sake.”

What Stiles preached is very true even for our present situations. Continue reading

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Episode 431: Church and State Theological Polity Muddle

Church and State Theological Polity Muddle

– Mayhew, Stiles and Schaeffer

See the link for the video of ‘Church and State Theological Polity Muddle’ at Rumble or YouTube

How is the history of 1766, 1783 and 1976 tied to the ‘Church and State Theological Polity Muddle’ of our present day? To get the perspective I delve into the 1766 Sermon by Johnathan Mayhew, the 1783 Sermon by Ezra Stiles and a 1976 book from Francis Schaeffer.

My marked and commented Mayhew sermon.

I want to be clear that I was researching this effort to educate on this topic longer than the present evangelical controversy that is playing out across the web-sphere. Although, the relevance of our present age is not new when it comes to how mankind addresses culture, government, politics and church polity; the root of how truth is treated is centered at how a culture, a nation or the church view the absolute sovereignty of God.

This week I introduce us to the ‘Repeal of the Stamp Act’ as delivered by Rev. Jonathan Mayhew. We will only get into the very first part of the historic colonial view as Mayhew relates it. In this, I interject the same inferences of injustice, influencers of government decisions and the responses of the Colonists. I also mention the intersection of Ezra Stiles and Francis Schaeffer as part of a trifecta that sets the stage for our present dilemmas.

Opening Comments

If you don’t understand what is happening in the United States Evangelical churches at present you can go to the references for what I believe is one of the best explanations and considerations of situation. This is a church theological polity muddle. Yet, there were similar jumbles, mishmash and confusion brought on by the Tory pastors during the whole of the Colonial Founding Era. Interestingly, Sam Adams addresses some of that confusion in a series of Articles.

In this podcast / vlog, I introduce quotes from Francis Schaeffer and Ezra Stiles that help set some of the tone for the connection between Mayhew’s sermon, the past and to the present lessened about fifty years. Continue reading

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Episode 430: Tom DeWeese Interview – ESG and Property Rights

See the link for the video of ‘Tom DeWeese Interview – ESG and Property Rights’ at Rumble or YouTube

I enjoyed my Tom DeWeese Interview as we covered the influence of ESG (environmental, sustainability and governance) as it relates to property rights, which include businesses.Property Rights

For those that do not know Tom, he has been in the fight since the 70’s regarding property rights and the attacks of environmentalism on those God given rights. He is the Founder of The American Policy Institute, which has the mission of protecting and defending the ideals of limited government intrusion in our lives, as envisioned by our nation’s founders.

Specifically from the website,

As Founding Father John Adams said, “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.” That is exactly what we are seeing happen across the United States as private property is being taken by unlawful use of eminent domain and other policies, in the name of climate change and environmental protection. APC’s mission is to protect private property from any policies that threaten its existence. As rancher and activist Wayne Hage said several years ago, “If you don’t have the right to own and control private property, then you are property.”

To highlight this even more, Sam Adams on January 20, 1772 wrote two-hundred and fifty-two (252) years ago, on the very date of this program broadcast: Continue reading

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Episode 429: Criminalizing Business Owners: Interview With Robert Gargasz, Esq. & 70’s Philosophy

See the link for the video of ‘Criminalizing Business Owners: Interview With Robert Gargasz, Esq. & 70’s Philosophy’ at Rumble or YouTube

The details of ‘Criminalizing Business Owners: Interview with Robert Gargasz,Criminalizing Business Owners Esq. & 70’s Philosophy’ is a gut wrenching look at the criminalization of every, Every – business owner (with special exemptions of course), officers and key managers in every business (with special exemptions of course) in these United States. In reviewing the exemptions, the BOI (Beneficial Ownership Information) component is targeted at every US small business. The penalties are egregious and the potential that international law enforcement will have full access to you, personally, is made available. All the final rules affecting the implementation of the AMLA went into effect on January 1, 2024. Here is the gist of the bills origin from an article in the references:

‘The Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020 (AMLA 2020) became law on Jan. 1, 2020, when Congress overrode President Donald Trump’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act. AMLA 2020 is the most consequential anti-money laundering legislation passed by Congress in decades.’

I interview Robert Gargasz, Esq. regarding the key points of the BOI (Beneficial Ownership Information) component of the CTA (Corporate Transparency Act). He has filed a federal lawsuit showing that the final rules and implementation of the BOI is unconstitutional and needs to be struck down. Robert is engaging, passionate about our Liberties and as an officer of the court, acts according to the doctrine of The Lesser Magistrate in his law practice. To get a copy of the lawsuit you can contact Robert at:

As the discussion in the program delves into the penalties of the final rules of the act, remember, that the O’biden administration has called and even designated Constitutionalists, Christians and Patriots, true citizens: enemies of the state, fundamentally domestic terrorists. Thereby giving way for this legislation and final rules to be utilized in unconstitutional ways.

In addition to the interview, the philosophy of a Christian leader, took me a step back into 1976. I had listened to a program on ‘The Public Square (TPS)’ that had me looking at the first prognostication of the ‘Establishment elite’ eighteen years prior to the 1984 book they were discussing. A quote from the book that did stick with me and I referenced often was never truly heeded by the general population:

‘Please repeat the term, “Establishment elite” in your mind until the term is permanently stuck there.’ – Francis Schaeffer

Conclusion First:

Continue reading

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