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Episode 413: Writs Wrangles and Administrative Law

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Writs Wrangles and Administrative Law are very much interrelated in our modern times. Yet the problem with them is no different than what began with the ‘Writs of Assistance,’ which James Otis challenged in 1761.Writs Wrangles Administrative Law

History tells us of the abuse of Writs such that the actions became one of the many explicit complaints that moved the Colonies closer to separation from Great Britain. Ultimately, the underlying issues became the impetus for the 4th Amendment.

Wrangles Continue To The Present

I use ‘wrangles’ in the context of both Writs and Administrative Law. Both are ‘disputes and arguments, that are long suffering in time and complicated.’ We have to understand that human sinful unregenerate nature will have individuals or group moving to dominate those in their families, towns, counties, states, nations, cultures, etc.

Use of writs in the manner of 1761 and presently as by the administrative state was once held back by the courts. Quoting from her paper in the References, Susan E. Dudley writes:

‘Until the early twentieth century, the courts interpreted the separation of powers implicit in Articles I through III of the Constitution as prohibiting Congress from delegating its legislative powers to administrative agencies. In 1892, the Supreme Court declared: “that Congress cannot delegate legislative power to the President is a principle universally recognized as vital to the integrity and maintenance of the system of government ordained by the Constitution.”Field v. Clark, 143 U.S. 649 (1892).)</i This is known as the nondelegation doctrine.

By 1928, the Supreme Court had softened this interpretation of the separation of powers. It took a different view of the nondelegation doctrine in J. W. Hampton v. United States, when it found that Congress could delegate legislative power as long as the statute included an “intelligible principle” to guide executive action. (J. W. Hampton, Jr. & Co. v. United States, 276 U.S. 394 (1928).) That is, the Supreme Court said that delegation is constitutional as long as Congress provides executive agencies with an unambiguous standard to guide rulemaking.’

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Episode 412: Future Men and Recovering Calvin of Two Kingdoms

Watch Future Men and Recovering Calvin of Two Kingdoms–- on Rumble or YouTube

What does it take to ensure that Future Men can fight Giants? How about one of the most practical books I have read about regarding raising boys into real God defined men? Let me be emphatic, Dads and Grand-dads – this is a must read (period). Don’t think we are so Biblically sound that wisdom and practicality aren’t found in another’s work.

Future Men

A must read.

Many of you are scratching your heads and wondering if I ever considered the book of Proverbs as a guide to raising boys? Well, I have and even when raising our son I have to say that I failed to implement these God-given instructions of Solomon in a practical and meaningful manner during that time.

Face the facts that in general, men have not been nor are really ready to fight the giants in our culture or nation. Most have been duped by the lack of solid Biblical teaching for over 100 years as well as the feminization of our society. How do we restore the church and the public square? With men who know their proper role in this world. I believe the story that Doug Wilson includes in the Introduction of this book regarding Teddy Roosevelt pretty much sums up how the church played a role in the emasculation of God’s design for men.

‘When Theodore Roosevelt taught Sunday school for a time, a boy showed up one Sunday with a black eye. He admitted he had been fighting and on the Lord’s Day, too. He told the future president that a bigger boy had been pinching his sister, and so he fought him. TR told him that he had done perfectly right and gave him a dollar. The stodgy vestrymen thought this was a bit much, and so they let their exuberant Sunday school teacher go. What a loss.’ – Future Men, page 10, Introduction

This weeks program is a very simple chapter by chapter review of Doug Wilsons book ‘Future Men, Raising Boys to Fight Giants’ and a very introductory step into ‘Recovering The Calvin Of “Two Kingdoms”? A Historical-Theological Inquiry In The Light Of Church-State Discourse In South Africa.’

Why Recovering Calvin too?

If Men are to fight giants they need to be aware of what happens when they become the giants. As you are clearly aware, I believe in Christian Nationalism since that is the root of our nations foundation. Yet, we have a clear example of even Reformed Christians going south. And what happened in South Africa is a clear example of giants infiltrating and consuming men who should have known better. Continue reading

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Blog 412: When The Lights Go Out

When the Lights Go Out

By Rose Marie Cook

When the lights go out do you wonder what happened? Were you prepared? Can you find your way? Will you be able to function or are you gripped in bewilderment ready to … (you chose the ending.)

Yup, the lights went our around here again. We had sever storms and a tornado hit. For Cat and I, no big deal since we are ready for most inevitabilities. Yet, you have to look at the events across the nation from Hawaii wildfire, which was started from greeny theology and the negligence of the electric company, to hurricane Idalia blowing through the state of Florida and beyond.

Well, now a days, we think in nexus considering the timing of what and when the lights will go out because of the weaponized mechanism of the federal and state governments. Yes, all due to the storms of the malicious plans of elites which the Anti-federalists warned of.

As a note: Just remember that policy and law are developed and implemented based on religious beliefs. Check out the References for the mix of religious/denominational clinging to and promoting what I’ve studied as anti-Biblical. 

Almost everyone, including many citizens who consider themselves ‘on top of the current events,’ are actually ‘in the moment’ reacting as if all that is happening throughout the institutions of government were just happening in the last several decades.

Well, just about everyone, including so called conservatives, blabber ‘history be damned and let’s get all emotional’ since the lights are out and no one cares who rants or trembles in the dark, joining with the others stumbling along as well.

Dark To Dawn

Consider this quote from Rev. Samuel Cooke’s Election Day Sermon, 1770: Continue reading

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Episode 411: Out Of Control Republic With Justice No More

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Can there be an out of control republic with justice no more?

Before we get to the meat we have to move through the carrots, potatoes, herbs and gravy of 1996 when the U. S. began being governed by a de facto parliament. Consider my comments on Pelosi pulling parliamentary moves to stop House members from challenging the 2020 election on January 6. See the References below for details on this.

to the Anti-Federalist Cato in reference to an out of control republic:

In large republics, the public good is sacrificed to a thousand views…in a large one, there are men of large fortunes, and consequently of less moderation; there are too great deposits to trust in the hands of a single subject, an ambitious person soon becomes sensible that he may be happy, great, and glorious by oppressing his fellow citizens, and that he might raise himself to grandeur, on the ruins of his country.’

Governor George Clinton of New York warned that large republics end up as consolidated governments. He write under the pseudonym ‘Cato.’ This week I discuss, Anti-Federalist No. 14, Extent of Territory under Consolidated Government Too Large to Preserve Liberty or Protect Property (Read Cato essay No. III here).

This remonstrance to the new constitution focuses on the consolidation of independent republics into one national / federal republic to which Cato shows and predicts: (my emphasis in bold underline)

‘…whoever seriously considers the immense extent of territory comprehended within the limits of the United States, together with the variety of its climates, productions, and commerce, the difference of extent, and number of inhabitants in all; the dissimilitude of interest, morals, and politics, in almost every one, will receive it as an intuitive truth, that a consolidated republican form of government therein, can never form a perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to you and your posterity, for to these objects it must be directed. This unkindred legislature therefore, composed of interests opposite and dissimilar in their nature, will in its exercise, emphatically be like a house divided against itself.’

Here is the futuristic words of our present:

‘From this picture, what can you promise yourselves, on the score of consolidation of the United States into one government? Impracticability in the just exercise of it, your freedom insecure, even this form of government limited in its continuance, the employments of your country disposed of to the opulent, to whose contumely (insolent or insulting language or treatment) you will continually be an object. You must risk much, by indispensably placing trusts of the greatest magnitude, into the hands of individuals whose ambition for power, and aggrandizement, will oppress and grind you. Where, from the vast extent of your territory, and the complication of interests, the science of government will become intricate and perplexed, and too mysterious for you to understand and observe; and by which you are to be conducted into a monarchy, either limited or despotic; the latter, Mr. Locke remarks, is a government derived from neither nature nor compact.’

It is clear that we the Free Understanding Constitutional Citizens of these United States are objects receiving the continual contumely of the opulent ambitious power-mongers, seeking aggrandizement through grinding oppression of our God given rights.

Purpose of Government

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Episode 410: RICO Is The Tool For Tyranny

RICO Is The Tool For Tyranny

– The Kozak Plan – Stormer, Brutus and Richard Henry Lee Predicted This –

Watch RICO Is The Tool For Tyranny (The Kozak Plan) –- on Rumble, Brighteon or YouTubeRICO

Yes, it was predicted and proven that the likes of RICO Is The Tool For Tyranny. Judicial tyranny was predicted by the Antifederalist Brutus. The proof of RICO being the tool it has become in the Trump case was written about by John Stormer. Stormer identified RICO as one of the primary tools, then and into the future, for use in These United States to implement The Kozak Plan.

On this program I take you through the history of it all.

A Quick Shock Look

Go to the references and consider the analysis of the Georgia RICO Statute. Interesting that it went into effect on July 1, 2015. How long was Trump talking about running for president? When did he come down the golden escalator? When did Georgia begin the legislative intent to change its 1933 law on racketeering?

Be not shocked that both the federal and Georgia RICO statues allow for the freezing and or seizures of property for forfeiture until the case is resolved.

In a partial answer to the question above, read the intent of the Georgia State Legislature from 2013 here. Now, do the Trump and his co-defendants fall into ‘apply to an interrelated pattern of criminal activity motivated by or the effect of which is pecuniary gain or economic or physical threat or injury?’

The rest of the Grand Jury summations is totally loosey-goosey as one takes a remedial look at the full statute, see reference #2.

For a Georgia Trial Attorney analysis see Reference #3 below.

Stormer Nails it

In ‘None Dare Call It Treason …25 Years Later,’ John Stormer lays out the use of RICO as the mechanism in the Kozak Plan called ‘Pressure From Above.’ Starting on page 506, Stormer lays out the strategy of ‘Intimidate The Opposition.’

Here is a partial quote regarding RICO usage:

‘The awesome powers given to governmental agencies in the last 50 years are used as pressure from above to intimidate and stifle opposition to the on-going pressures for a communist revolution. A weapon Congress enacted to fight drug trafficking which is being applied increasingly in other areas has such potential. Under the 1970 Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) someone simply charged with a violation can have all their assets frozen until the issues are resolved by the courts which can take years.’

‘…Such laws were enacted to combat admittedly very serious problems. The have given the government awesome power to tie up the assets of those charged with but not yet convicted of violations. That power could be used at some future date to freeze the assets of those opposing measures leading to a socialist takeover. Not too many small businessmen, political figures, etc. would have to become targets of such action before others would think twice before speaking out. The WXUR case, the potential for using IRS audits, OHSA and EPA harassment and the Anti-Racketeering procedures all fit the Czech blueprint.’ (The Kozak Plan)

See the example of RICO being used by leftist back in 1986 on page 510 in the section on ‘Courtroom Terrorism.’

Last Note: Defying Tyrants:

Continue reading

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Episode 409: From De Tocqueville to J6 and The Failure of Conservatism

Watch From De Tocqueville to J6 and The Failure of Conservatism –- on Rumble, Brighteon or YouTube

Before I get into from DeTocqueville to J6 and The Failure of Conservatism, I want to first apologize for not having a fresh program or newsletter for last week. I was maxed out with getting our pepper jam business work accomplished. We had three big events so we were jam’n on all twelve cylinders.De Tocqueville

That being said, this week is another fast paced look at the present from the view of history. Not only did the Anti-federalist predict our present, De Tocqueville wrote of the strengths and short comings of our federal constitutional republic. I delve into his analysis of ‘Advantages Of The Federal System In General, And Its Special Utility In America.’ Ultimately it comes down to States sovereignty and sovereignty of the people over the federal system.

From De Tocqueville leads us to J6 by way of the failure of Conservatism. I’m taking you back in time to 1917 with parallels to Marxist Russia as well as sending you to the references for the links to my previous programs regarding the Kozak Plan. This links directly to an article I present before on how Pelosi triggered an emergency session on January 6th, which avoided the 2020 election certification challenges that were about to be brought to the floor.

Lastly, I will discuss the article by Claes Ryn, ‘Why Conservatism Failed.’ I tie this to what Francis Schrieffer was talking about in the ‘70’s in his work ‘How Should We Then Live.’ I make quick commentary on fundamental Christian Nationalism and Mere Christendom. Continue reading

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Episode 408: Refusing and Denying History

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I very quickly came to the conclusion that major pastors as well as known academia is refusing and denying history. It was abundantly clear to me after watching a Babylon Bee interview, that a prominent pastor from California has his church history as well as United States history totally muddled if not worse, purposefully thrown into disorder. I would have thought that after fifty years in the pulpit, he would have got this straight.

I believe that what C. Gregg Singer wrote in an essay entitled ‘The Problem of Historical Interpretation,’ hits the nail on the head for church leaders as well as historians:

Bible in History

Bible Timeline Chart⁠ with World History –

‘The professional historians in this country and in Europe have come to the place where they have little faith in the subject to which they have devoted their lives. Historians with increasing and distressing frequency are openly admitting that history has no meaning and shows little or no purpose or goals. But neither is this anti-intellectual attitude peculiar to the professional historians. The existentialist and positive philosophies have entered into the thinking of most areas of human thought and activity with devastating results. In conjunction with the Freudian school in psychology, they have made irrationalism and anti-intellectualism fashionable and have virtually removed the concepts of purpose and meaning from the thinking of many historians and those who proclaim themselves to be ‘social scientists.’

Therefore, Critical Race Theory and any other made up modern concepts of history are all looked at as valid. You create what you believe and then make it truth when there is no foundational remembrance of history or the God of history there to guide you.

Keeping It Short

I’m keeping this newsletter very short since I’m pasting in portions of the Preface to the book ‘The Biblical Structure Of History’ for you to consider. You will find this in the Extra Reading section of this newsletter.

Program Structure

This week I talk about three points that related to our Foundational History that the pastors, politicians and academia are refusing and denying in history

1. From Anti-federalist #1, ‘If it is suitable to the GENIUS and HABITS of the citizens of these states, it will bear the strictest scrutiny. The PEOPLE are the grand inquest who have a RIGHT to judge of its merits. The hideous daemon of Aristocracy has hitherto had so much influence as to bar the channels of investigation, preclude the people from inquiry and extinguish every spark of liberal information of its qualities.’ Yes, I do bring in the Hunter Biden court case and in comparison to the President Trump persecutions. Note: this, the Trump persecution, is a global action as presented by Jim Garlow.

2. From Samuel Cheever’s sermon, a Biblical History of the church, Israel and the ancient world, ‘As God is the Maker of the nations, so all the motions of the nations, are all ordered by God, from one part of the world to another.

3. From ‘Treason In America’ by Anton Chaitkin, some notes on Aaron Burr and mostly on the ‘East India Trading Company to Marx.’ That the modern power elite, i.e. Davos Crowd, are the same today as at the founding of this nation. Continue reading

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Episode 407: Govern Well Or Be Judged – Your Suffrage Means Nothing

Watch Govern Well or Be Judged –- on Saturday with Rumble, Brighteon or YouTube

It is historically, morally, philosophically and Biblically true that we must govern well or be judged. I will be covering the realities of judgement upon the human race, regardless of political attachments, nation, physical appearance or any other natural differentiator in this world. The whole earth, all of creation, are under the footstool of theGovern Well Sovereign of all that exists.

Short side note: Tucker, like most Americans who call themselves Christians, is only now beginning to understand: Biblical reality.. Watch the analysis here.

To this Judgement I add that your suffrage means nothing. That is correct, the criminal activities of election fraud negates your vote. Therefore installing the wicked to act upon a people for judgement. This is Biblically historically factual. More to the early days of the ratification of the Constitution, Richard Henry Lee wrote as ‘The Federal Farmer’ in 1788,

‘The advocates of the constitution say we must trust to the administration, and elect good men for representatives. I admit, that in forming the social compact, we can fix only general principles, and, of necessity, must trust something to the wisdom and integrity of the administration. But the question is, do we not trust too much, and to men also placed in the vortex of temptation, to lay hold of proffered advantages for themselves and their connections, and to oppress the body of the people.

It is one thing to authorise a well organized legislature to make laws, under the restraints of a well guarded constitution, and another to assemble a few men, and to tell them to do what they please. I am not the more shaken in my principles, or disposed to despair of the cause of liberty, because some of our able men have adopted the yielding language of non-resistance, and writers dare insult the people with the signatures of Caesar, Mark Antony, and of other tyrants; because I see even moderate and amiable men, forced to let go of monarchy in 1775, still in love with it, to use the simile of our countrymen, when the political pot boils, the skum will often get uppermost and make its appearance. I believe the people of America, when they shall fully understand any political subject brought before them, will talk in a very different stile, and use the manly language of freedom.’

What we now see, hear and are experiencing are the skum which has fully boiled to the top through the perverted elections process. And regarding the potentials for those to be elected, Lee summarizes with,

‘On the whole, it appears to me to be almost a self-evident position, that when we call on thirty or forty thousand inhabitants to unite in giving their votes for one man, it will be uniformly impracticable for them to unite in any men, except those few who have become eminent for their civil or military rank, or their popular legal abilities: it will be found totally impracticable for men in the private walks of life, except in the profession of the law, to become conspicuous enough to attract the notice of so many electors and have their suffrages.’

Samuel Cheever in 1712 would add this caution regarding election of representatives and to the representatives as well. The following are pulpit comments rarely heard from modern ministers. Dare you read on from a pulpit of old? Continue reading

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Episode 406: Ohio Issue 1 – One Issue or More ?

Watch Ohio Issue 1 –- video to be published soon on Rumble, Brighteon or YouTube

This week I was invited into a conversation on Ohio Issue 1. Is Ohio Issue 1 actually one issue or more? The real questions that came our is ‘Aren’t we just kicking the can down the road? What is wrong with the StateOhio Issue 1 Legislature?’

In short, because I’m late in getting this program and newsletter out, Ohio is a targeted State. It is a political battleground in pushing the most evil abortion/human-rights amendment, which encompasses everything to do with manipulation of human reproductive organs and gender at any age, and without needing anyones permission.

No different then when Obama/Holder were able to amend the Ohio Constitution regarding redistricting, so to is the battle over Issue 1 and with that the abortion amendment. The enemy has the money. The Citizenry and Churches have a pathetic apathetic perfunctory concern of these issues.

One Issue or More

Simply, Ohio Issue 1 is not one issue. It is significantly more. It has a complexity for not only Ohio but, as I noted, with Ohio being a test target, the ramifications will move to States with a Simple Majority of 50% + 1, to amend those constitutions with social and cultural evil.

Remember, a Constitution is a Covenant.

Sam Adams Wisdom

Again deferring: Agrippa IX (excerpt)

28 December 1787

by James Winthrop,

Agrippa To the People. Continue reading

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Episode 405: No Sugar Added

Listen to the podcast from the website or Watch No Sugar Added on Rumble, Brighteon or YouTube

This week it is No Sugar Added in three segments. I’m also using this title because we are releasing our FDA approved ‘No Sugar Added’ Pepper Jams. I figure that since we have two dedicated contributors to theNo Sugar Added program (of which we could use a couple more dedicated donors,) and I sustain all the rest of the cost for producing Sam Adams, I can ask that you consider expanding your culinary experience with our Pepper Jams and other products. Or, you can always donate directly, but enjoying the Pepper Jams is another way of helping to fund this program. See the Link in the References.

No Sugar Added – Supreme Court

There is no other way to consider the decisions of the recent Supreme Court than through the letters of Anti-federalist ‘Brutus.’ Brutus, in Essay XII on 7 February 1788, predicts the conundrum of the court especially the decision regarding South Carolina (Supreme Court Orders Race-Based Redistricting,) when he wrote:

‘First. Let us enquire how the judicial power will effect an extension of the legislative authority.

Perhaps the judicial power will not be able, by direct and positive decrees, ever to direct the legislature, because it is not easy to conceive how a question can be brought before them in a course of legal discussion, in which they can give a decision, declaring, that the legislature have certain powers which they have not exercised, and which, in consequence of the determination of the judges, they will be bound to exercise. But it is easy to see, that in their adjudications they may establish certain principles, which being received by the legislature, will enlarge the sphere of their power beyond all bounds.’

And there is No Sugar Added to his comments from that point on. I will cover more on this in Segment number 1.

No Sugar Added – the need of Reformation in the pulpits

In Segment number two, I decided that continuing a short review, in more detail, of the Pastors of the Revolution from the 1928 book ‘New England Clergy and the American Revolution’ is not just needed but mandatory. As many of you know, my often broadsides regarding the modern pulpits are founded in historical theological positions to which most modern pulpits have little–to-no regard for. Let me begin with this quote by Timothy Cutler, Connecticut Election Sermon, 1717:

‘God having made Man a Rational Creature, hath (as it were) Twisted Law into the very Frame and Constitution of his Soul. …’

Continue reading

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