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Episode 360: Religious Tolerance, Really?

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Religious Tolerance became Religious Liberty through the efforts of JamesReligious Tolerance Madison as well as Thomas Jefferson and others. The crux of the 1st Amendment Establishment Clause is ‘Liberty of Conscience’ and no establishment of a national religion.

This week’s program is in reply to feedback from those who commented on last weeks newsletter or program. What we hear echoing in the snippets from Conservative Christian organizations or from our own echo chamber is not always the full story of religious tolerance and liberty.

With that in mind, this program is about the original intent of religious liberty and the true meaning of tolerance. The first segment is an explanation of Justice Story’s ‘Commentary on the Constitution’ explaining the original intent of this clause. In the second segment, I also discuss another example of the Biden administration forcing the implementation of the National Religion.

Lastly, in the third segment, I dive into the Founders perspective of tolerance and in particular, religious tolerance which then develops religious liberty in a Constitutional Republic.

Starting with Justice Story:

Justice Story, in his Commentaries on the Constitution wrote: Continue reading

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Episode 359: Pagan Humanism the National Religion

Pagan Humanism video at either Rumble or YourTube

This week I continue to prove that we have a National Religion called Pagan Humanism. The 1st Amendment allows for freedom of religion with thPagan Humanisme deeper meaning and intent of freedom of conscience. Yet, as I advance the truth that we now have a fully funded National Religion, I must take you into the various components of paganism and the encompassing humanism.

This look into Pagan Humanism is not an exhaustive study. What I’m bringing you is nothing new, especially when you consider the references below. This program is the fast and hard hitting perspective that many of you have expressed you want with my delivery of various subject matters. Most have told me directly that I find and deliver content in a way that no one else dares to take.

Considering this topic, there Have been hundreds if not thousands of trees cut to hold the printed words of many writers warning of modern paganism and humanisms. There are terabytes of digital format, video and audio, warning the Christian Church of the evil that would and now has encroached on the nation, as well as even imbedded itself into the body of Jesus the Christ on earth.

Based on the Pew Research Religious Landscape Study (in the references) conducted in 2007 and 2014, which surveys more than 35,000 Americans from all 50 states about their religious affiliations, beliefs and practices, and social and political views, the solidly Biblical churches have a lot of work to accomplish because they have allowed for the National Religion to come to fruition.

This weeks program is to introduce you to the co-existence and common principles of paganism and humanism such that combined they have become the moral guide for local, state and national policy as well as now the law making authorities of these United States.

First Segment

Continue reading

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Episode 358: Enlightenment Toward the National Religion

Video at Rumble

There is much written on the Enlightenment and some of you are a greaterEnlightenment polymath than I. Yet, for others, I intend to offer some basic insights to the Enlightenment toward the National Religion here in these United States. The freedom of conscience did originate at the Edict of Milan in 313, where Constantine made all religions legal in the Roman Empire. I will discuss that this gift, Freedom of Conscience, is the bane of this nation since the majority of pulpits have been offered over to the National Religion.

In the first segment I am reviewing last week on ancient world with the comparison to our present pagan government. Through this week I came across a video where Doug Wilson was asked, ‘Were the Greek Gods Real?’ I like the way he gets one thinking about the powers shadowing nations. The bottom line that hits home is that we in reality battle in the spirit realm but one has to be properly equipped. Hoot man…. The majority of Christians do not consider the extensibility of this battle and the ‘why don’t they question’ is for another program.

Considering Melancton Smith

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Episode 357: National Religion – Political Sex Enabled By the 1st Amendment

A National Religion – Political Sex Enabled By the 1st Amendment  Episode 357

Video at: Rumble, Brighteon or YouTube

Political sex is the vanguard of despotism that has given us a National Religion contrary to the Constitutional intent of the 1st Amendment. In Rome and other pagan cultures before Jesus the Christ, ‘exercising absolute power, especially in a cruel and oppressive way1 (despotism) was the norm.

By the way Evangelicals, Welcome to the theocracy that you feared. A National Religion and it ain’t the ‘end times’ … it is bad theology, lazy pulpit teaching and lazy ignorance of responsibility as a citizen of a Constitutional Republic.

This week is the beginning of a series on the National Religion. In the second segment I relate how the mental health industry since 1940’s, under the leadership of Dr. G. Brock Chisholm, the first head World Federation of Mental Health, planned the moral decline of these United States. In the third segment I take a deeper dive into Roman political sexuality and specifically into the demise of the Bacchanalia Affair of 186 BCE. As mentioned in the article about the Bacchants, the Roman empire viewed Christians as the same cultish ilk, which initiated and set up the persecution of Christians in the empire.

National Religion – Holy Sex

Continue reading

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Episode 356: Unfaithful Guardians, Interview with Author Dave Welty

Unfaithful Guardians, Interview with Author Dave Welty

Unfaithful Guardians

The 3rd Edition is available

Unfaithful Guardians is a program that ran in 2018. In dealing with a family death of a Patriot, conversations with my Aunt would sometimes focus on the Supreme Court. With that, I am dedicating this program to her.

Bringing back a review of Unfaithful Guardians, written by Dave Welty is most appropriate considering the recent rulings of the Supreme Court of The United States (SCOTUS).

In this is interview with Dave Welty, the author of “Unfaithful Guardians” is refreshing as well as it gives a great comparative to what is happening in the court now compared to the philosophical shifts over one hundred years ago. Dave has written a fantastic walk through history culminating in what flipped with the Judicial system and Supreme Court. His clear understanding of the 14th Amendment is deeply researched. He can clearly articulate the Original Intent established by the 39th Congress and the State Ratifying Conventions of the Day.

As always, remember: The Founders wanted us to gain knowledge and get involved! Being a Citizen is an Active involvement in our political life! Let’s get our feet on the street for this time is critical!

Learn you State and the Federal Constitutions.

Sam Adams Wisdom

Regarding Elections and Education


[Independent Chronicle, January 30, 1797; a text is in the Massachusetts Archives].

…In pursuance of the provision in the Constitution, the people have recently exercised their own sovereign power in the election of another President. Elections to offices, even in the smallest Corporations, are and ought to be deemed highly important; of how much more importance is it, that elections to the highest offices in our extensive Republic, should be conducted in a manner and with a spirit becoming a free, virtuous and enlightened people, who justly estimate the value of their sacred rights.

Continue reading

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Independence Day 2022 – Retuning To Feudalism

Independence Day 2022

Independence Day 2022 should be a grand celebration of our Liberties as secured by the Declaration of Independence. Yet, as I brought out on the program about William Z. Foster that the 100 year effort toward socialism. In so many ways we are returning to what I have discussed over the last ten years as Modern Feudalism.

To get your mind afire with Sam Adams, read the Speech he gave regarding the Declaration of Independence. I do write a forward in this download. Here are several excerpts:

Truth loves an appeal to the common- sense of mankind. Your unperverted understandings can best determine on subjects of a practical nature. The positions and plans which are said to be above the comprehension of the multitude may be always suspected to be visionary and fruitless. He who made all men hath made the truths necessary to human happiness obvious to all. Continue reading

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Episode 355: Fulfilling W. Z. Foster’s Strategy: Roe and Riots in the Streets

Fulfilling W. Z. Foster’s Strategy: Roe and Riots in the Streets. An Analysis of ‘The American Road to Socialism’

Foster's Strategy

Video can be watched at: Rumble, Brighteon or YouTube 

W. Z. Foster was the protagonist leading the early strategies that has brought us almost a decade of riots in the streets. This week I take you into the rhetoric of Foster which gave 1st Amendment credence to justify the U. S. Supreme Court to allow socialism and communism to secure its place as the change agent of governance, social, economic and political policy in these United States.

Initially I was going to write this as a separate article in connection to the recent Roe decision but time gets away when having many tasks on the schedule. Therefore you get the gist of the meat in the program instead.

With that, the riots over the reversal of Roe and the true insurrection by pro-abortion dupes, Antifa and other groups in various cities across the nation are the defenders of ‘peoples democracy’ against the restoration of Federalism. These protests and riots have been absolutely predictable. For several decades, I have been discussing as well as predicting the actions of the abortion activists and all those associated with what is called the ‘left.’ My point of this commentary on W. Z. Foster is not to add to the plethora of explanations respecting a Constitutional Republic and the true workings of Federalism but to again answer all those still asking ‘what happened and why?’

The reality is that the general public as well as the conservative movement do not want to admit that all the information leading up to the present riots in the streets has been in our faces for decades. I want you to think about what should have been a serious warning from William Z. Foster in his work ‘The American Road to Socialism: Continue reading

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Episode 354: Courts and Mental Health Industry Destroying the Republic

Courts destroy constitution

Is this fact? Is it True?

Video available on Rumble or Brighteon and YouTube 

The Courts and the Mental Health Industry are destroyers of the Republic. The perspective regarding the Courts was predicted by the Anti-federalists. I have discussed what Robert Yates wrote on a number of different programs, see here, here and here for starts. Recently we see that Justice Sotomayor is one of the ilk that the Anti-federalists warned about. I look into her statement in the article, ‘Sotomayor accuses conservatives of ‘dismantling’ church-state separation BY JOHN KRUZEL – 06/21/22 11:32 AM ET.’ My specific interest is in the first clause of the 1st Amendment..

The afore mentioned Justice, as with all others who continue the deception of ‘church-state separation’ need to restudy original intent. But they don’t care about Foundational Principles or original intent.

There has been a greater attack on the first clause of the 1st Amendment then most realize. There are significant founding documents that clearly show what that the establishment clause for religion is specific and limited only to the federal government setting up a national religion. As such, I submit these references, which are in this link from The Founders Constitution and are delineated in the Reference section of this Newsletter.

Always more to say than there is time to discuss.

Mental Health Industry Adds to Destruction of Republic mental health industry

When I was completing my degree in Behavioral Science, 1982, I had to attend classes and seminars that was still, at that time, called immoral. Continue reading

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Geauga County Board of Mental Health Confusion

I am writing this as a former member of the Geauga County Board of Mental Health and Recovery Services, hereafter the Board. What incented me to take this step are the numerous articles cascading the blogs and the western Geauga County rags that are disparaging and misrepresentative of facts and truth. My intentions are to give a perspective that only a former insider of the Board can present to the reasonable Citizens of Geauga County. Continue reading

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SEL Full Press

SEL Full Press Making Minions

I am re-running this program from December of 2018 since we now have the SEL full press. For Podcast See SEL: Stealing Individualism and Making Minions. States are codifying SEL making it the heart of education and very few have done anything to understand the damage it has done and is doing to families and the students. This program takes you back to 2018 when parents had even more opportunity to fight for their child’s freedom from being turned into a minion.

Now that we see the SEL full press fully activated by legislation in Ohio, I want you to hear again what I and my guest, Adam Retych, talked abut almost four years ago. Adam was a researcher in educational policy at that time. He was focussed on SEL: Social and Emotional Learning. This is a critical topic in that it can still be defunded. SEL has not been dealt with by parents, conservative Citizens and Christians who have children in government schools. Now, in 2022 we are seeing the SEL full press of the ‘state’ or ‘statism’ determining the mental health of students and defining the uniformity of social and emotional norms.

Adam and I discuss what insidiousness this is. The definition and standards sound good but the discerning ear can cut to the chase. Adam’s research is extensive in particular for Ohio yet this is impacting almost every State in the nation.

Contact me if you would like to get more information via Adam. The key information links regarding SEL are in the References section below.

Bribed With Your Own Money – Melancton Smith Continued:

Continue reading

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