12-16-17 John Knox Appellation and the Senate

John Knox Appellation is the challenge to Lesser Magistrates. Saturday’s program is simple: Do We the People really hear what has been taught from the pulpits if the pastors are teaching truth as our Founders heard and understood? With that, then to the elected into office understand and honor the sovereign authority over them? Yes, that sovereign authority is not We the People but the Living God of all that is! Our Founders did not question this.

So when we look at the debacle in every level of governance especially the Senate we can clearly observe that the greatest majority there does not understand this foundational principle. What is the Senate? What did the Anti-federalists as well as the Federalists say it could become? Yes, their predictions came to fruition.

And because you keep asking!


For today’s program:

  1. The Appellation of John Knox 1558
  2. Doctrine of The Lesser Magistrate
  3. Anti-federalist #47 The following Federalist Papers: #26 on pg. 126, #27 on pg. 128, #30 on pg. 179, #39 on pg. 179, #44 on pg.212, #62 – #65 on pages 281 – 303

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