6-13-15 Program: The Shadows Of Tyranny

Moderns do not understand Tyranny!

In this program I not only give the definition but show how we are, without question, living under tyranny.

Tyranny: The use of arbitrary Power.

Governor Bradford in his history of Massachusetts, says : ” In these patriotic measures to resist the encroachment of arbitrary power, the citizens of Boston seem to have been the first. They instructed their Representatives in May, 1764.” the signal which first called for combined action against an act of tyranny,

John Lock – Sec. 199. AS usurpation is the exercise of power, which another hath a right to; so tyranny is the exercise of power beyond right, which no body can have a right to. And this is making use of the power any one has in his hands, not for the good of those who are under it, but for his own private separate advantage. When the governor, however intitled, makes not the law, but his will, the rule; and his commands and actions are not directed to the preservation of the properties of his people, but the satisfaction of his own ambition, revenge, covetousness, or any other irregular passion.

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