8-11-18 Federalist #10: “Factions” – How to deal with them

Emotionalism is everywhere in all the media and the technology giants are determining what we should think and believe. Yes, these are in essence the words of Madison in Federalist #10. As I always say from Proverbs 1:9 – “There is Nothing New under the sun”!

This discussion will take more than one program to cover. I’m only touching the very tip of the iceberg in that the use of emotionalism (passion) is nothing new and that ‘faction’ has always been detriment to Liberty. I get into Madison’s definition of ‘faction’ and that there are ways of dealing with it that in the general sense are what we are seeing from the technology sector and even in legislation; neither of which are the correct way, according to Madison.


Just a late note that was note that was not in the News Letter, Cathy was listening to the Thursday 8-9 Rush program which she heard him mentioning Federalist #10. Well it turns out it was a subversive NYT Opinion Piece titled “Democracy and the Demagogue” By Jason Stanley October 12, 2015 3:45 am; where Mr. Stanley as a true Hegelian deceptively uses a quote from Madison out of Federalist #10.

With this, I will open the program discussing changes we are doing with the web site and some ideas of looking for other live venues/stations to participate on. That will take funding since the live stations want you to have advertising commitments. So if you find value in the programing then let me know of folks / companies that would be interested in sponsorship.

Additionally, we moved our web site to mediaserve.com. They are a super patriotic hosting company who has been hosting churches, video streaming and general/business web sites for a long while. We are very happy to support this company by moving our business to them.

Lastly, we will be doing more video blogging and putting that up on samueladamsreturns.net. We will eventually leave YouTube since they are one of the technology companies that are attempting to shape thought and actions as Madison discusses in Federalist #10. Same is true with Facebook. We will have all content off of FB by the end of August. My question to you is: will we truly stand on principles and stop the insanity or will we compromise because things appear to be ‘free’? I have already moved to eaglefirepost.com

And because you keep asking!


1. Federalist #10

2. Anti-federalist #10

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