9-7-19 Theology Comparison: Founding Era to the Present

Theology Comparison:

The time has arrived once more to do a Theology Comparison of the Founding Era to the Present.

With all that is in the news regarding ‘mass shootings’, ‘climate change’, ‘Antifa’, ‘education’, ‘prison reform’, ‘social issues’ and more; the comparison is such that the US is in the time of the Book of Judges – “everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” Such that the ‘Christians’ in these United States have run away from their responsibilities in governing.

During this program I cannot be exhaustive in the theology comparison. I can only hit a couple key points at best. The root of comparison is the J. T. Headley work ‘The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution’. In particular, I am discussing the life of Cotton Mather Smith. This historical chronicle distinguishes very clearly that the majority of modern pastors have no grounding in Foundational Theology, which has therefore led US into the political, social, educational and other disasters that were predicted by the Anti-federalists.

Modern Theology:

In this Theology Comparison, I am going to discuss a perspective of ‘Modern Theology’ such that it gives the 500,000 foot view of the corrupted condition of these United States. It is clear that the moderns in the pulpits do not look at the Old Testament from its universal discussion of history. They only consider a prophetic concern related to the Salvation Message or their particular eschatology.

Hence we have, the Tory Anglican pulpits in the vast majority of the churches in the U. S. Yes, even worse in this present day, we have those who are the same as the religious leaders from Judges to the time of Jesus. Just consider Judges 17 and the Levite from Bethlehem as one example as well then all the Sanhedrin of Jesus time.

Founding Era Theology:

In considering chapter 31 of the Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution it is clear that the Patriotic Foundational theology was that of the Puritan mind. I will let that sink in with you and for your own research and consideration.

I will leave you with this: Our modern theology is that which ‘All of Scripture’ warns of: watered down, tolerant, appeasing and not leading in all aspects of life on earth for the completion of the Lord’s Prayer – ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven’. Jesus the King of the universe is just that… King and Lord of all. It is about time we acted as children of the Sovereign over that which is His. The pastors during the Founding Era did.

And because you keep asking!

For today’s program:

1. The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution.

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