Episode 380: Colonial Christmas, Car Repossessions, J6 Referral and Transhumanism

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Colonial ChristmasMerry Colonial Christmas to All. Not being cheeky here, that greeting would be offensive to some, being the 17th Century Puritan or the saying would be exceptionally welcoming in a most debauched manner to most others of the period. This is not much different in so many ways as in our present except that the debauched and indulgent humanist in our time echo offense to all things Christmas and Christian. To that, the past echos of the churched, few real Reformed Puritans left, are making their whispers of ‘Christ is Born’ vibrating in the empty congregations.

The celebration of Christmas has not always been as it is today. In fact the ‘humbug’ at the Colonial Christmas period would have been the Puritans. Today, Biblical Reformation believers are the minority who shout the joys of ‘Glory to God in the highest.’ I discuss more on the Podcast or you can skip to the ‘References.’

This week I’m highlighting the less known points about the historical Colonial Christmas up to the Revolutionary period. I know you are scratching your head about the Car Repossessions, J6 and Transhumanism as part of a Colonial Christmas. Well, It all ties to my past programs on Political Theology and Economics.

Make sure you read my Stanford U declared offensive paragraph on the J6 Referrals.

Car Repossessions

You know of the bursting bubble effects in the economy? Well the car loan and repossession bubble is upon US. Interestingly, this is a little known economic indicator that does matter. I’ll cover this more in the second segment of the program. Yes, you can skip to the ‘References’ for the full meat of the matter.

J6 Referrals

Disclaimer: all words in quotes and Italics on the Stanford list

I’m not going to ‘beat the dead horse’ on this one… Oh, I forgot, Stanford now claims I cannot use that phrase or many conventional word concepts. OK, I’m getting a ‘little off the reservation’ here so let me get back to the ‘insanely’ ‘lame’ J6 Referrals. Let’s face it, that committee needed a ‘sanity check’ and the comments by that legal ‘guru,’ Professor Alan Dershowitz, ‘takes a shot’ at the ‘peanut gallery’ sending criminal referrals to the DOJ. He clearly calls a spade a spade’ with what the J6’ers did as Unconstitutional.

You got it, read more at the ‘References’ before they get ‘blacklisted’ and whipped into shape.’ Also see ‘the Constitution Annotated’ regarding Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3 ‘bills of attainer,’ and ‘ex post facto laws.’


You will have to listen to my comments but I have known about this for over twenty-plus years. I saw a the beginnings back in 1999 when I was involved in the Supercomputing environment. Remember, that DARPA and NSF fund a lot of this research. Think of it as the next move of the CIA’s futuristic experiments with LSD. Heck, if everyone on the planet is in ‘The Matrix,’ how much easier life would be?

If you want a short crash course on transhumanism, read more at the ‘References.’


Wassalling: For your enjoyment – Here We Come A Wassalling – Celtic Women

‘Wassailing involved barging into the houses of the wealthier citizens, singing a song or two or putting on a short skit, and demanding food, drink and money.’ – New England History


1. spiced ale or mulled wine drunk during celebrations for Twelfth Night and Christmas Eve: a mighty bowl of wassail in which the apples were hissing and bubbling.

2. lively and noisy festivities involving the drinking of plentiful amounts of alcohol; revelry: I arrived in Eastcheap, that ancient region of wit and wassail.


1. [no object] drink plentiful amounts of alcohol and enjoy oneself with others in a noisy, lively way: he feasted and wassailed with his warriors.

2. go from house to house at Christmas singing carols: here we go a-wassailing.



an actor in a traditional masked mime, especially of a type associated with Christmas and popular in England in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Relative to our present – ‘One of the more colorful New England colonial Christmas traditions was mumming, in which men dressed like women (and vice versa) or simply disguised themselves in a range of costumes. Mumming could be as innocent as street theater or as bawdy as a loosely disguised roving orgy.’ – New England Historical Society article


‘Transhumanism is a class of philosophies of life that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values.’ – Max More (1990)

See the References for more on transhumanism.

Sam Adams Wisdom

(my emphasis in italics and substitute ‘popery’ with ‘humanism’)


[Boston Gazette, April 4, 1768.]

While the generous Farmer has been employing his shining Talents, in awakning a Continent to a sense of the Danger their civil Rights are in from incroaching power : While it is grown fashionable, for men of ingenuity and public spirit, with a noble ardour, to warn us against a tame submission to the iron rods ; and LIBERTY, LIBERTY, is the Cry : I confess I am surpriz’d to find, that so little attention is given to the danger we are in, of the utter loss of those religious Rights, the enjoyment of which our good forefathers had more especially in their intention, when they explored and settled this new world.

To say the truth, I have from long observation been apprehensive, that what we have above every thing else to fear, is Humanism : And I now bespeak the solemn attention of my beloved Countrymen, to a course of Letters which I am preparing, and propose to publish in your paper upon the momentous and melancholly subject. I expect to be treated with sneer and ridicule by those artful men who have come into our country to spy out our Liberties ; and who are restless to bring us into Bondage, and can be successful only when the people are in a sound sleep : from this consideration I hope my readers will not be offended, if I now, and then, cry aloud to them with a great degree of warmth and pathos: This I shall most certainly do, whether they will hear or whether they will forbear ; for I cannot even now think on the subject without feeling my zeal enkindle. I know full well that it is farthest from the imagination of some of our solid men and pious Divines, whom I in tend particularly to address on the occasion, that ever this enlightned continent should become the worshippers of the Beast : But who would have thought that the oblig’d and instructed Israelites would so soon after they were delivered from the Egyptian Task-masters, have fallen down before a golden Calf ! There is a variety of ways in which Humanism, the idolatry of Christians, may be introduced into America ; which at present I shall not so much as hint at, but shall point them out hereafter in their proper order. Yet, my dear countrymen suffer me at this time, in the bowels of my compassion to warn you all, as you value your precious civil Liberty, and everything you can call dear to you, to be upon your guard against Humanism. My fears of Humanism have induced me to travel thro this great continent as a spectator, to satisfy myself : And the more I know of the circumstances of America, I am sorry to say it, the more reason I find to be apprehensive of Humanism. Bless me! could our ancestors look out of their graves and see so many of their own sons, deck’d with the worst of foreign Superfluities, the ornaments of the whore of Babylon, how would it break their sacred Repose ! But amidst my gloomy apprehensions, it is a consolation to me to observe, that some of our Towns, maintain their integrity, and show a laudable zeal against Humanism. To do honor to those Towns as much as in my power, I in tend to publish a List of them. And as I am not particularly attach d to any Town in the province, but that which gave me birth, I am determined that if any others shall be roused by my future Lucubrations to oppose Humanism, as I trust and hope they will, they shall have the same Notice taken of them in another Paper.’

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