Episode 346: Tree Hugging Capitalist – Truth Not Hegemonic Domination of Humanity

Tree Hugging Capitalist – Truth Not Hegemonic Domination of Humanity

Video of the Tree Hugging Capitalist available at Rumble and Brighteon

A couple of weeks ago I was talking with the founder of the Tree Hugging Capitalist about theEcomarxist religion purposeful destruction of our food supply chain across these Untied States. Yes, the hair on the back of my neck stood straight out when I read about Union Pacific cutting back on shipping west coast fertilizer to the mid-west farmers because of GHG (green house gas) rules from the Feds. (see here, here and here) Not only that, grain shipments to cattle ranchers, hog farmers and poultry are being cut back on, all in the name of reducing carbon foot print. As in Old Europe, I spit on those ideas. Rail is the cleanest and most economical form of transporting large volumes of commodities. The lies are destroying our food supplies, even for the non-meat eaters.

Then on earth day some environmental religious zealot sets himself on fire on the steps of the US Supreme Court building. (see here, here and here) The world environmental / sustainability high-priests and scribes call him a martyr for the cause (see here, here.) Hmm, reminds me of the self-burnings during Viet Nam or opening the door to the evil of the Haitian human candles. The latter is the ultimate of the Biden ‘

I am introducing you to The Tree Hugging Capitalist who brings the reality in truth and factual understanding of stewardship back into cross-generational conversations and the board room.

On this program, I bring back my good friend and long time business colleague George Brennan. He and his associate Christi Schmitt, discuss sustainability and the environmental movement for what they are. George is the quintessential Tree Hugging Capitalist that I have know since I’ve been lecturing on Agenda 21 and sustainability.

George brings the perspective of true stewardship, which began as a Boy Scout. As a Gen ‘Z,’ thinking for herself, individual; Christi Schmitt has joined George’s efforts to bring the truth regarding environmentalism across generations.

Ultimately, The Tree Hugging Capitalist is intent on helping businesses and board rooms understand how they can push back on government tyranny so that we can have a robust economy based on God’s design of stewardship.

My Comments:

Most have never looked at or studied the evil that has come from the deepest bowls of the United Nations. I’m not going to bore you with all the detail. I will only note that all that we are experiencing exposed its ugly head in the 1970’s and is fully documented in many dead trees with ink in the U. N. archives, as well as well summarized in the U. N. document: Our Common Future, From One Earth to One World.

Program outline:

– First segment: From the beginning of the US.

  • Who are George and Christi

  • What is the Tree Hugging Capitalist

  • Environmentalism timeline

Second Segment: Fact or Fiction, Disaster to Control

  • The Timeline that has failed over time.

  • Environmentalism/sustainability is Marxism.

  • Overcoming business forced regulations.

  • Deception and slight of hand to capture your money – for nothing.

Third segment: Continue Segment 2

  • Funding of ‘lawfare’ of environmentalism

  • Environmentalism is a religion.

Sum it up….

In 2010I began lecturing on Agenda 21 and the global economy installing the religion of environmentalism. Here is a post I did in 2019. There are those like George and Christi who are specialized in revealing the fallacy of sustainability and environmentalism in the manner that it has been forced on U. S. and the world. In the end, God created the earth and humans for His glory. As the creation of the Most High, we are to have have stewardship over all that He has given and we are to have Godly dominion over all that He has designed for our well being.

Be a steward by first knowing the eternal, Holy God of the Bible.

Sam Adams Wisdom

August 1780 to his daughter:


Nothing, I assure you, but the want of leisure has prevented my acknowledging the receipt of your very obliging letter of the 12th of July. You cannot imagine with how much pleasure I received it. I have no reason to doubt your sincerity, when you express the warmest affection for your mother and me, because I have had the most convincing proof of it in the whole course of your life. Be equally attentive to every relation into which an all-wise Providence may lead you, and I will venture to predict for my dear daughter an unfailing source of happiness in the reflections of her own mind. If you carefully fulfil the various duties of life from a principle of obedi ence to your Heavenly Father, you shall enjoy that peace which the world cannot give nor take away. In steadily pursuing the path of wisdom and virtue I am sometimes inclined to think you have been influenced with a view of pleasing me. This is indeed something, and I owe you the debt of gratitude. But the blessing of an earthly parent, I am persuaded, has not been your principal motive to be religious. If this has been any influence on your mind, you know you cannot gratify me so much as by seeking most earnestly the favor of Him who made and supported you, who will supply you with whatever His infinite wisdom sees best for you in this world, and, above all, who has given us his Son to purchase for us the reward of eternal life. Adieu, and believe that I have all the feelings of a father.



1. https://thetreehuggingcapitalist.com

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