Episode 409: From De Tocqueville to J6 and The Failure of Conservatism

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Before I get into from DeTocqueville to J6 and The Failure of Conservatism, I want to first apologize for not having a fresh program or newsletter for last week. I was maxed out with getting our pepper jam business work accomplished. We had three big events so we were jam’n on all twelve cylinders.De Tocqueville

That being said, this week is another fast paced look at the present from the view of history. Not only did the Anti-federalist predict our present, De Tocqueville wrote of the strengths and short comings of our federal constitutional republic. I delve into his analysis of ‘Advantages Of The Federal System In General, And Its Special Utility In America.’ Ultimately it comes down to States sovereignty and sovereignty of the people over the federal system.

From De Tocqueville leads us to J6 by way of the failure of Conservatism. I’m taking you back in time to 1917 with parallels to Marxist Russia as well as sending you to the references for the links to my previous programs regarding the Kozak Plan. This links directly to an article I present before on how Pelosi triggered an emergency session on January 6th, which avoided the 2020 election certification challenges that were about to be brought to the floor.

Lastly, I will discuss the article by Claes Ryn, ‘Why Conservatism Failed.’ I tie this to what Francis Schrieffer was talking about in the ‘70’s in his work ‘How Should We Then Live.’ I make quick commentary on fundamental Christian Nationalism and Mere Christendom.

Sam Adams Wisdom

Extract of a Letter from the Southward.

“As we have a Constitution which is admired for its genuine Principles, I have been sollicitous to know, whether our Countrymen at large partook of the Spirit of those who formed it. I have conceived strong Hopes, that in organizing their Government and electing Persons to fill the important Places of Trust, no Consideration would avail, to govern their Suffrages in Favour of any Candidate, unless he was possessed of those Qualities which are necessary, to enable him to perform the Duties of the Office to be filled, to the Advantage of the Publick. I have flattered my self, that both the Governors and the Governed would have lain aside the gawdy Trappings of Monarchy, and put on that Simplicity which is the Ornament and Strength of a free Republick. HOW far it has been done, I am not able to judge at this Distance. It is a great Satisfaction to me to be informed, that some of the best Men in the Commonwealth have been elected into the Principal Departments of Government. Men, who will dignify the Character of our Country—who will revive and disseminate those Principles, moral and political, to propagate which, our Ancestors transplanted themselves into this new World—Men who by the Wisdom of their Councils and their exemplary Manners, will establish the public Liberty on the Foundation of a Rock.—These Men will secure to themselves more of the Esteem of their virtuous, and even of their vicious Fellow-Citizens, than they could by a thousand courtly Addresses which are commonly the Breath of Vanity and Adulation.—There is a charm in Virtue to force Esteem.—If Men of a different Character have by any Means been advanced to those hallow’d Seats, who have even sollicited public Employments to give a Scope to Views of Ambition and Avarice, Passions which have in all Ages been the Bane of human Society; or, to gratify the raging Thirst for popular Applause, a Disease with which little minds are usually tormented, it is our Happiness that the Constitution requires annual Elections, and such Mistakes may be corrected at the next.’

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1. De Tocqueville: Chapter VIII: The Federal Constitution—Part V

2. The Parliamentary Motive Behind the J6 Fedsurrection

3. Sam Adams Returns programs on the Kozak Plan

4. History Repeats Itself: Democrats Are Using Tactics of the Marxists of 1917 in Russia to Steal America

This Weeks News Articles

1. EXCLUSIVE: Multi-Million Dollar GBI Strategies LLC – The Target in the Unearthed 2020 Michigan Police Report Involving Election Crimes – Was Dissolved in Tennessee in 2017

2. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: You’ll Never Guess Where the Headquarters of the Multimillion Dollar GBI Strategies LLC Is Located?

3. Planned Parenthood and ACLU Fighting AGAINST California Banning Child Marriages

4. Issue 1 Fails in Ohio, Raising Stakes for State Abortion Battle

5. Sebastian Gorka: Jack Smith’s Hidden Victims

6. REPORT: Trump White House Official Confirms Knowledge of Muskegon, Michigan Voter Fraud Report in 2020 – CLAIMS THERE WAS AN ARREST – BILL BARR ALLEGEDLY KILLED IT

7 This and worse will happen in Ohio if the ‘choice amendment’ passes in November: SHOCKING VIDEO: UK Police Arrest Autistic Teen on ‘Suspicion of Homophobic Public Order Offence’ for Saying Cop Looked Like Lesbian

8. January 6 Committee Destroyed Records, Videos; Trump’s Rights Violated

9. Capitol Police Chief Calls January 6 a ‘Cover-Up’ in Leaked Unaired Tucker Carlson Interview

10. Tucker Carson on Twitter, Episode 15.

11. US suicides hit an all-time high last year – 49,500

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