Episode 359: Pagan Humanism the National Religion

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This week I continue to prove that we have a National Religion called Pagan Humanism. The 1st Amendment allows for freedom of religion with thPagan Humanisme deeper meaning and intent of freedom of conscience. Yet, as I advance the truth that we now have a fully funded National Religion, I must take you into the various components of paganism and the encompassing humanism.

This look into Pagan Humanism is not an exhaustive study. What I’m bringing you is nothing new, especially when you consider the references below. This program is the fast and hard hitting perspective that many of you have expressed you want with my delivery of various subject matters. Most have told me directly that I find and deliver content in a way that no one else dares to take.

Considering this topic, there Have been hundreds if not thousands of trees cut to hold the printed words of many writers warning of modern paganism and humanisms. There are terabytes of digital format, video and audio, warning the Christian Church of the evil that would and now has encroached on the nation, as well as even imbedded itself into the body of Jesus the Christ on earth.

Based on the Pew Research Religious Landscape Study (in the references) conducted in 2007 and 2014, which surveys more than 35,000 Americans from all 50 states about their religious affiliations, beliefs and practices, and social and political views, the solidly Biblical churches have a lot of work to accomplish because they have allowed for the National Religion to come to fruition.

This weeks program is to introduce you to the co-existence and common principles of paganism and humanism such that combined they have become the moral guide for local, state and national policy as well as now the law making authorities of these United States.

First Segment

I am compelled to open with a plea from the humanist for pagans to join them in what they intend to accomplish. The appeal,Paganism is by the American Humanist Society inviting pagans to see the commonalities in beliefs and objectives. Next week, this will be a foundation for understanding the local, state and federal funding of this combined effort as Pagan Humanism – the National Religion.

Second Segment

I am taking you through the 500,000 foot view of the Scottish Enlightenment and the shifts in theology that set the stage for humanism and the return of paganism. We will sprint through the Enlightenment and Presbyterianism and maybe look at the Hellfire Club – was a name for several exclusive clubs for high-society rakes1 established in Britain and Ireland in the 18th century. The Hellfire Club is the precursor to the Club of Rome which we will elaborate on next week. This is a deeper dive into the shift in Enlightenment theology that is the foundation for what we look at in the Pew Study noted above. I will begin this review in a manner that fits what we now have as Christian Humanism.

Third Segment

A deeper look at the Pew Study noted above. I will be assessing the section on ‘Religious denomination among Mainline Protestants by political ideology.’ This is complex yet it establishes what I will discuss next week in that ‘Neo-paganism’ could be the new religion in America or better yet it is the root of pagan humanism. I will close this program with one absolute direct proof that the federal government is funding this National Religion.

This series will finish up next week with details of, at a minimum, the international influence for the U. S. National Religion, as well as those ‘religious groups, religious NGO’s and United Nations directed entities’ receiving taxpayer money. In fact, all that is established in policy and law which instantiates pagan humanism does violate the 1st Amendment Establishment Clause.

Keeping it Simple

Once again, there is no way to keep this simple. Next week, Part 4, will show the details of the Federal government establishing and funding the new National Religion.

Sam Adams Wisdom


[W. V. Wells, Life of Samuel Adams, vol. iii., pp. 18-26; printed in the Massachusetts Spy, July 16, 1778.]

‘…Your Excellencies will, I hope, excuse me when I differ from you as to our having a religion in common with you; the religion of America is the religion of all mankind. Any person may worship in the manner he thinks most agreeable to the Deity; and if he behaves as a good citizen, no one concerns himself as to his faith or adorations, neither have we the least solicitude to exalt any one sect or profession above another.’


[MS., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.] PHILAD Oct 16 — 78

‘Mr Sherman was so obliging as to give me the perusal of your Letter to him, and I am happy that Congress as a Body concurs with you in the Sentiment therein contain’d; having passed a Resolution by a great Majority expressing their Sense that true Religion & good Morals are the only solid Foundations of publick Liberty and Happiness.’


October 30, 1778.

[W. V. Wells, Life of Samuel Adams,1 vol. iii., pp. 46, 47.]

‘Their prisons have been the slaughter-houses of her soldiers, their ships of her seamen, and the severest injuries have been aggravated by the grossest insults.

Foiled in their vain attempts to subjugate the unconquerable spirit of freedom, they have meanly assailed the representatives of America with bribes, with deceit, and the servility of adulation. They have made a mock of religion by impious appeals to God, whilst in the violation of His sacred command. They have made a mock even of reason itself, by endeavoring to prove that the liberty and happiness of America could safely be intrusted to those who have sold their own, unawed by the sense of virtue or of shame.

Treated with the contempt which such conduct deserved, they have applied to individuals. They have solicited them to break the bonds of allegiance and imbue their souls with the blackest crimes. But fearing that none could be found through these United States equal to the wickedness of their purpose, to influence weak minds they have threatened more wide devastation.

While the shadow of hope remained that our enemies could be taught by our example to respect those laws which are held sacred among civilized nations, and to comply with the dictates of a religion which they pretend, in common with us, to believe and revere, they have been left to the influence of that religion and that example. But since their incorrigible dispositions cannot be touched by kindness and compassion, it becomes our duty by other means to vindicate the rights of humanity.’


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 It Never Has Been, and It Never Will Be, Brian Bolton

1 playboy, libertine, profligate; degenerate, roué, debauchee, dissolute man, loose-liver; lecher, seducer, ladies’ man, womanizer, philanderer, adulterer, Don Juan, Lothario, Casanova

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