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Independence Day 2022 – Retuning To Feudalism

Independence Day 2022

Independence Day 2022 should be a grand celebration of our Liberties as secured by the Declaration of Independence. Yet, as I brought out on the program about William Z. Foster that the 100 year effort toward socialism. In so many ways we are returning to what I have discussed over the last ten years as Modern Feudalism.

To get your mind afire with Sam Adams, read the Speech he gave regarding the Declaration of Independence. I do write a forward in this download. Here are several excerpts:

Truth loves an appeal to the common- sense of mankind. Your unperverted understandings can best determine on subjects of a practical nature. The positions and plans which are said to be above the comprehension of the multitude may be always suspected to be visionary and fruitless. He who made all men hath made the truths necessary to human happiness obvious to all. Continue reading

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7-4-2015: Samuel Adams Speech About the Declaration

Yes, it is another July 4th holiday.  Although I believe that we should go back to declaring it the remembrance of “Independence Day!”  Samuel Adams goes back over a year to that April 19th at Lexington Bridge and can distinctly recall the first shot fired for Liberty’s sake.

I must always go back to the speech that Sam Adams gave on August 1st 1776.  His words should be the ones that stand for the establishment of truth and fact in setting the stage for the American Revolution!  Who better than Adams, The Father of The American Revolution, to dissect, encourage, rebuke and remonstrate the purposes of the Independence for the new American States.

Please listen to what Adams had to say and you can also download the speech in pdf format as well.

Segment 1: 

Segment 2: 

Segment 3: 

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