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Chaplains and Clergy: Chapter 33 – Alexander McWhorter

Chapter 33:  Alexander McWhorter.

The quick picture of Alexander McWhorter: — His Early Life. — Zeal In The Cause Of Liberty. — Sent South By Congress To Rouse The Inhabitants. — Accompanies Washington In His Retreat Through New Jersey. — Made Chaplain Of Knox’s Brigade. —Leaves The Army. — Settles In North Carolina. — His Library And Furniture Destroyed By The British. — Flees To Pennsylvania. — Sent To England To Raise Funds For Princeton College. — Revisits His Native Place. — His Death.

Alexander McWhorter had such a clear understanding or the deepest aspects of the reason for the revolt against England that he was made an envoy to North Carolina. Congress sent him south to North Carolina because of his zeal for Liberty. He went to rouse the people to Action. For this, McWhorter was greatly maligned by the Tories and had to leave the effort.

McWhorter was with Gen. Washington on the march to Trenton. He gave his all of himself in service to the army. He was all in for the cause of Liberty but his service was cut short when his wife was hit by lightning. Continue reading

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