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5-6-17 Tax Revolution with Dan Johnson

Tax Revolution with Dan Johnson

I am really excited that we are having a conversation with Dan Johnson, the Exec Director of Tax Revolution Institute! I’m really charged about this time with Dan especially with the release of the Trump Budget and Tax Revision Plan. The Founders Intended for direct citizen participation in governance at the local levels including counseling the elected on how they are to govern.

Dan is well know for his founding and development of P.A.N.D.A. (People Against the NDAA) in 2012.  He has had remarkable impact in many local issues through Solutions Institute.

We are taking the whole program to talk with Dan regarding the history of taxation and how we can affect the use of our dollars in ways that better follow Original Intent. I’ll be asking Dan about some examples of how this is working and where as we get to the third segment. Continue reading

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