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Episode 395: Sobolev and Kozak: Using Law and Indictment in The Peoples Democracy

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This past week is about the key elements of Sobolev and Kozak: Using Law and Indictment in the Peoples Democracy. If you think you have had any liberty at all in you life, you live in the Matrix where your complete reality is fabricated for you.Bureaucratic domination

Tyranny encroached and then subsumed our Liberties when the Bureaucracies came into existence and were codified. See reference #8 for a brief history.

Using Law and Indictment

In Brutus essay No. V it is written (my emphasis added):

To detail the particulars comprehended in the general terms, taxes, duties, imposts and excises, would require a volume, instead of a single piece in a news-paper. Indeed it would be a task far beyond my ability, and to which no one can be competent, unless possessed of a mind capable of comprehending every possible source of revenue; for they extend to every possible way of raising money, whether by direct or indirect taxation. Under this clause may be imposed a poll-tax, a land-tax, a tax on houses and buildings, on windows and fire places, on cattle and on all kinds of personal property:—It extends to duties on all kinds of goods to any amount, to tonnage and poundage on vessels, to duties on written instruments, newspapers, almanacks, and books:—It comprehends an excise on all kinds of liquors, spirits, wines, cyder, beer, etc. and indeed takes in duty or excise on every necessary or conveniency of life; whether of foreign or home growth or manufactory. In short, we can have no conception of any way in which a government can raise money from the people, but what is included in one or other of three general terms. We may say then that this clause commits to the hands of the general legislature ( every conceivable source of revenue within the United States. Not only are these terms very comprehensive, and extend to a vast number of objects, but the power to lay and collect has great latitude; it will lead to the passing a vast number of laws (and create bureaucracies), which may affect the personal rights of the citizens of the states, expose their property to fines and confiscation, and put their lives in jeopardy: it opens a door to the appointment of a swarm of revenue and excise officers (87,000 in 2023) to pray [sic] upon the honest and industrious part of the community, eat up their substance, and riot on the spoils of the country.

As you will hear on the program as well as read in the references: Just in the Federal bureaucracies there are between 300,000 to 500,000 regulations that carry criminal penalties. Now think about the States and local governments.

No matter what you believe regarding the defunding of the Department of Education, An almost real time example is the upcoming Department of Education Rule regarding transgender athletics. Here is a large scale penalty ridden rule being put forward – see news Article 1 and news Article 2.

By the way, this is ‘imposing morality’ or said ‘legislating morality.’ When rules are made by expanding language in or of legislation, that is the crux of legislating something.

Now to the USC, According to Heritage.org there are estimated to be 5,199 federal crimes withing the United States Code.

When the bureaucratic regulations and the Law is weaponized, you get indictments.

People’s Democracy

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