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Christmas Greeting

Merry Christmas

Cath and I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Considering all that I do with Samuel Adams Returns, the core of Sam Adams was his deep Reformation Biblical understanding of the world and his countrymen. It is only by knowing that Christ is Lord of All that there is hope for these United States.

My prayer is that we, as did Sam, fully recognize and live by the complete Lordship of Christ, even over politics and in governance.

I would like to leave you with two quotes and an encouragement for pastors:

“There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!” ― Abraham Kuyper

“It is not in rebellion, it is not in violation of the spirit of law and contempt of the Constitution, that we arise and join with such amazing unanimity. No, ye illustrious shades of our pious ancestors, and ye martyrs of whatever age or clime, who have shed your tears and your blood for dying freedom. Ye cloud of witnesses with which we are encompassed about, we declare as in your presence, and we declare to the whole earth, that such are not our aims – that our public measures result from a dreadful necessity – that America hath resisted purely on the footing of self-preservation.” – Rev. Mr. Magoon, excerpt from address delivered to Haslett’s Battalion in Dover Delaware, May, 1776 – pages 389 -391, Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution

For pastors who are in the fight as those of the Founding era, you are in good company. For pastors who don’t know history, hopefully this reaches you.

‘He (Rev. David Avery) was beside Washington in his melancholy retreat through the Jerseys, and says, “The lustre of our commander’s presence and magnanimity gave a charm to our gloomy misfortunes—it animated and raised our spirits above the power of undue fear. The people of the country, however, were not so happily fortified against the shock of this sudden change of affairs, and sunk dejected” He accompanied him in his march on Trenton—breasted the snow and hail like the common soldier that wintry morning, and when the thunder of cannon and rattle of musketry awakened the sleeping Hessians, marched with him into the thickest of the fight. Feeling how fearful was the crisis that had come, he, after lifting an invocation to God, seized the musket of a soldier that fell by his side, and mounting a rum hogshead that stood in the street, the contents of which had helped to deepen the slumbers of the foe on that Christmas eve, fired away at the confused and hurrying masses of the enemy. In the darkness and tumult of the fight he received a contusion on the right hip, which laid him up for several weeks; and he who had so long ministered to others was compelled to be ministered unto. On his recovery he rejoined the army, and shared with the soldier the battles and marches that followed. He hutted with it at Valley Forge during all that terrible winter in which troops furnished an example of devotion to their general and a love of country that has no parallel in history—nobly sustained the courage of the men, and showed a spirit of self-devotion that called forth the warmest commendations.’ – Rev David Avery, pages 296-7 of The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution

Blessing to you all,


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