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Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution: Chapter 29 – David Avery

David Avery.   David Avery

David Avery’s story brought tears to my eyes. I have never met a modern Pastor like him.: — His Birth And Character. — Converted Under Whitfield. — Leaves His Trade To Study For The Ministry. — Enters Dr. Wheelock’s Charity School. — Graduates At Yale College. — Studies Divinity. — A Missionary Among The Indians. — Settled At Gaysboro, Vermont. — His Patriotism. — Raises A Company And Marches To Boston. — Made Chaplain. — Noddle’s Island. — Present At The Battle Of Bunker Hill. — Praying For Victory. — Accompanies Washington Through The Jerseys. — Wounded At Trenton. — At Valley Forge. — At Ticonderoga. — At Bennington. — His Death.

David Avery was “gentle and kind in his manners, and with a heart full of tenderness, he had at the same time a bold and fearless nature which, when roused, it was dangerous to oppose.” He is highly honored by Washington for his heroic acts as a soldier and Minister of God. Most interesting is that this was a young man who worked hard to same money to go to college. The reason he wanted to go was that he became a believer in Jesus through the ministry of George Whitefield. Continue reading

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