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Episode 408: Refusing and Denying History

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I very quickly came to the conclusion that major pastors as well as known academia is refusing and denying history. It was abundantly clear to me after watching a Babylon Bee interview, that a prominent pastor from California has his church history as well as United States history totally muddled if not worse, purposefully thrown into disorder. I would have thought that after fifty years in the pulpit, he would have got this straight.

I believe that what C. Gregg Singer wrote in an essay entitled ‘The Problem of Historical Interpretation,’ hits the nail on the head for church leaders as well as historians:

Bible in History

Bible Timeline Chart⁠ with World History – https://amazingbibletimeline.com

‘The professional historians in this country and in Europe have come to the place where they have little faith in the subject to which they have devoted their lives. Historians with increasing and distressing frequency are openly admitting that history has no meaning and shows little or no purpose or goals. But neither is this anti-intellectual attitude peculiar to the professional historians. The existentialist and positive philosophies have entered into the thinking of most areas of human thought and activity with devastating results. In conjunction with the Freudian school in psychology, they have made irrationalism and anti-intellectualism fashionable and have virtually removed the concepts of purpose and meaning from the thinking of many historians and those who proclaim themselves to be ‘social scientists.’

Therefore, Critical Race Theory and any other made up modern concepts of history are all looked at as valid. You create what you believe and then make it truth when there is no foundational remembrance of history or the God of history there to guide you.

Keeping It Short

I’m keeping this newsletter very short since I’m pasting in portions of the Preface to the book ‘The Biblical Structure Of History’ for you to consider. You will find this in the Extra Reading section of this newsletter.

Program Structure

This week I talk about three points that related to our Foundational History that the pastors, politicians and academia are refusing and denying in history

1. From Anti-federalist #1, ‘If it is suitable to the GENIUS and HABITS of the citizens of these states, it will bear the strictest scrutiny. The PEOPLE are the grand inquest who have a RIGHT to judge of its merits. The hideous daemon of Aristocracy has hitherto had so much influence as to bar the channels of investigation, preclude the people from inquiry and extinguish every spark of liberal information of its qualities.’ Yes, I do bring in the Hunter Biden court case and in comparison to the President Trump persecutions. Note: this, the Trump persecution, is a global action as presented by Jim Garlow.

2. From Samuel Cheever’s sermon, a Biblical History of the church, Israel and the ancient world, ‘As God is the Maker of the nations, so all the motions of the nations, are all ordered by God, from one part of the world to another.

3. From ‘Treason In America’ by Anton Chaitkin, some notes on Aaron Burr and mostly on the ‘East India Trading Company to Marx.’ That the modern power elite, i.e. Davos Crowd, are the same today as at the founding of this nation. Continue reading

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