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Episode 378: Foreign Affairs – They Told US So

Video of Foreign Affairs available at Rumble and YouTube

Foreign Affairs – They Told US So

Foreign affairs were a major concern of the Anti-Federalist at the time of theforeign affairs Constitution ratification. They clearly predicted what we are engaged in and how the lobbyists of the last 150 years have corrupted the elected.

This week is a comparative review of the arguments in the founding era to the present destructions of Citizen sovereignty by the political class corrupted through foreign affairs and entanglements.

Abating Foreign Influences – NOT

Foreign affairs is always a matter of influence. This has been seen throughout history as one nations leaders look to find advantages over another. Let’s face it, with humanity not living according to the original design of God, the influences sought are more often designed to leverage power for the advantages of the small groups of elites instead of the general good of the citizens.

I want to start with a well stated definition of terms and what is most common in our media messaging madness, the improper use of terms with the example from the opening statement By A Farmer: Continue reading

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