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10-13-18 Malignant Miscreant Commissars

What are Malignant Miscreant Commissars?

Multiples of Miscreant minions Pounding on the doors of the Supreme Court Camber where the new Supreme Court Justice was being sworn in reminded me of the people of Sodom beating on the doors of Lot’s house. This is not far fetched when I discuss the content of this program. We have allowed a culture of Sodom to develop most particularly over the last 50 years. Education has gone the route of indoctrination with complete reversal from the strong Biblical roots that were once at Harvard, Princeton and other places of higher learning.

In this program I am going to talk about the miscreants now controlling colleges and universities. The concepts of what is moral, right, tolerable, normal, tyrannical or despotic as well as other core concepts of a civil society have been turned by modern definitions and ‘narratives’ completely on end. To the extent that the meaning of things is only allowed to be defined by those who impose immorality, intolerance, abnormality, tyranny and despotism. This is clearly seen by the door pounders and Senate Gallery screams widely watched over the last several months. Continue reading

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