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Rev’s Sandford and Ker – War of Independence Pastors

Rev’s Sandford and KerRev Nathan Ker

No, Rev’s Sanford and Ker is not the title of a new sitcom. In fact, these two ministers of the American War for Independence were ‘expressive in countenance,’ ‘impassioned,’ ‘fearless,’ and pious in a Biblical way.

They are Chapters 38 – David Sandford and 39 – Nathan Ker respectively of J. T. Headley’s ‘Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution.’

Rev’s Sandford and Ker were men that understood and lived the full extent of Biblical Gospel truth. They were patriots and remarkable leaders. Both were highly respected by George Washington but more so by the troops in the fray of battle. Both gave of their personal money to ensure the efforts of Liberty would progress. Continue reading

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