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Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution: Chapter 20 – Joel Barlow

Joel Barlow  Joel Barlow

In all that he was called to, Joel Barlow fulfilled that which he was created for: — His Birth and Early Education. —A Friend of Dwight. —His Poem, “The Prospect of Peace.” —Joins the Army in Vacations. —Becomes Chaplain. — Writes Patriotic Ballads. —”Hymns for Yankee Rebels.” —The Burning of Charlestown.” —Occupation in the Army. —Friend of Washington. — Sermon on Arnold’s Treason. —Becomes Lawyer and Editor at Hartford, Connecticut. —Revises Watt’s Psalms and Hymns. —Agent of Scioto Land Company. —Visits England, France. —Becomes enlisted in the French Revolution. —His Occupations in Europe. —Consul at Algiers. —Makes a Fortune in France. —Returns to America. —Remarkable Prophecies in his Columbiad. —Minister to France. —His Death. —Charge of Religious Apostacy..

Joel Barlow is extremely distinguished in many regards as a soldier, poet, Chaplain, patriotic song writer, a diplomat and a prophet regarding the softening of Biblical teaching. To that end Joel Barlow excelled and was taken wrongly by the New England ‘Federalists’ so to be castigated as an ‘Apostate’. Where as the facts of his writings clearly show otherwise. Furthermore, he was a very close associate to Timothy Dwight. Continue reading

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