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Chapter 40: John Hurst

John Hurst: From Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolutionary

John Hurst was chaplain to the 4th, 5th and 6th battalions of Virginia troops that served in New Jersey in 1777. He was a fearless man and an ardent patriot, while no one more faithfully discharged his ministerial duties than he. No incidents of his life have come to my knowledge that require a particular notice. The character of the man, however, and the manner in which lie performed the duties of chaplain, may be gathered from the following extracts from a sermon preached by him to the Virginia battalions, April 20th, 1777. The sermon is dedicated to General Stephens—the dedicatory note closing with the following pithy sentence: “For after all the definitions of patriotism that ever was or ever will be given, this is the quintessence of it, the opposing ourselves foremost in the field of battle against the enemies of our country.”


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