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Episode 423: Taking The Hill – Spirit and Basic Strategies

See the link ‘Taking The Hill – The Spirit and Basic Strategies’ for the podcast audio and video on Rumble and YouTube

Last week I left off talking about Taking the Hill. We can look at numerous historical examples of what it cost to do so, including the costs of defending the Hill akin to Breeds HillTaking the Hill

For instance, when considering the cost of taking the hill like the Ohio Constitutional Amendment, Issue 1, the major strategy was so lopsided that a needed majority went to the top to defend the enemy from the good guys liberating the hill with truth. I saw otherwise Christian conservatives on social media supporting Issue 1 thinking it was saving constitutionalism. Well, these folks have no concept of the history of the Ohio Constitution let alone the perverting of this constitution since the 1910/11 constitutional convention and associated amendments.

Pundits don’t lead in Taking The Hill

Pundits and many national speakers are great at rallying the troops on the plains and sometimes in the woods but thus far, NONE actually lead in Taking The Hill. I am mostly referring to the Hanson’s, Rogan’s, Peterson’s and the like.

This class of folks can put out a lot of good information but their abilities to engage where the boulders are rolling and bouncing to the bottom of the Hill, are not really worth any type of leadership. I would go as far to say they don’t even talk about strategies to win. Good basic info sources, not so good deep intel sources and as noted, very poor sources on the needed strategies for success.

Yes, there are really good strategists out there. The question will always be, including the Info I’m providing via a login, ‘will you listen and act?’ Therefore, if you know the hotrod strategist that can plan the assent of taking the hill, fantastic and I bless your endeavors to march with their leadership.


But this week, we are really going to look several various strategies for taking our local and state Hills. There are a number of slide presentations and other very informative papers that lay out the principles and methodologies. These are proven. Heck, I even include a couple demoncrat winning methodologies for Taking The Hill. You will have access to these documents if you are a subscriber to the newsletter.

Starting Strategy

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