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4-6-19 Ohio SEL and Electoral College


Brains Of Mush

Creating Minions

I have a return guest Adam Retych who continues to help unwrap Ohio SEL and Electoral College Initiative heading to the ballot. Both topics are HOT and the references have the details for you to investigate.

Ohio SEL (Social Emotional Learning):

Adam joined me last year to open the can of worms of SEL. Unlike Popeye’s Spinach, this is truly a can of lice in the stench of dying worms. Social Emotional Learning is part of the Ohio Education Strategic Plan (see references at the end). This strategy all sounds good but it should make your head explode with the control mechanisms, the child data collection, the state replacing the parents and the formal state indoctrination of what is reason, truth, beliefs and person-hood.

We discuss the Four Pillars of the Strategic Plan with zeroing in on SEL. Continue reading

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