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Episode 347: Aborting Foundational Moral Truth For Lunacy

Aborting Foundational Moral Truth For Lunacy  Moral Lunacy

Sadly the process of aborting foundational moral truth for lunacy began about the same time as the fight for Liberty in the then New World Colonies. I was recently reminded by a colleague who is a PhD candidate at Hillsdale College, that Rousseau and Kant were contemporaries with the Colonists but for the most part were eternities apart in foundational principles. Where as Sam Adams and the majority of the early American fighters for Liberty where fresh in the Biblical Reformation truths of the First Great Awakening, the Europe of Rousseau and Kant were falling away from and rejecting the Reformation and even Orthodox Romanism into the humanism of the Enlightenment.

Therefore, the root of our present is the outflow of Rousseau’s denouncement of ‘original sin’ and Kant’s ‘categorical imperative’, being ‘none other than the law of an autonomous will.’ In Kantian moral philosophy – acting in accordance with one’s moral duty rather than one’s desires has brought us to aborting foundational moral truth for lunacy. Here I must ask of both Rousseau and Kant, who defines morality in your philosophies and what becomes moral duty when both of you reject the universal, eternal existence and morality of the God of the Scriptures?

Albert Einstein noted that:

‘Lunacy is to keep doing what you’ve been doing and expecting different results.’

Regarding our topic of aborting foundational moral truth for lunacy, consider this quote by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:

‘If there is moral insanity,” he said in a conspiratorial whisper, “then there may be the reverse, immoral sanity, if you will, that comes upon one suddenly, like a fever.’

Now in context to Rousseau and Kant, the ideologies that emanated from the Enlightenment are now seen in the lunacy of modern time.

Clearly as one looks to the streets of these United States or looks at any form of media, the rampages of the humanistic moralists demanding sin (all the flagrant cultural, economic and political positions) in all instances of human activity and thought.

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