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Episode 421: Low Juice For The Winter

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Low Juice for the Winter is not referring to beverages that one would enjoy during the holiday season. This discussion is a sleeper travesty more complex than terrorist crossing the southern border. This program is a discussion with my colleague George Brennan regarding the government designed intentions to bring on the winter freeze.

We are talking about a report that shows the strong potentials of larger regional power outages this winter season.

Cloudy Days Ahead bring Low Juice For The Winter

Take your pick of wether forecasting, they are all showing a cold winter. As George and I discuss, this will have a major effect on the power grid due to heavy shifts to unsustainable renewables and the move away from coal to natural gas for power generation. Let’s be clear, natural gas is good stuff but, the infrastructure for supply and demand is not there.

Cloudy days impact solar, even high wind days don’t let the hill lice (wind mills) work efficiently. So buckle up for what can be rolling blackouts or difficulties recovering during major winter storms. Oh, those EV’s… most certainly not going far.

George Brennan of Low Juice For The Winter

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