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4-21-18 Rhode Island Amendments, The New Book

I am following up from last week on the ‘Original Proposed Amendments’ by the State to the new Constitution. Rhode Island had several that if adopted would have more likely kept us out of some of the mess we are in today.

I also touch on what is now being called ‘The Hannity Standard’. Rush Limbaugh did a great commentary on this so I mention it and have the link to that portion of the program in the ‘References’.

I am taking you through the fast overview of the New Book and discussing that we are now scheduling for the seminar beginning in June. For a signed copy of the book contact me at tom@samueladamsreturns.com You can buy it on line at the links in the References.

References For today’s program:                                                                 

  1. Rhode Island Proposed Amendments
  2. Rush 4-18-18 https://youtu.be/4p4-JnHUFBI?t=5142
  3. Althusius Politica
  4. New Book: ‘From Covenant To The Present Constitution’ More about it and Free look at Author’s Notes & Introduction. Get your copy at Amazon or at The Book Patch For a signed copy contact me at tom@samueladamsreturns.com

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