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7-25-20 Cotton Mather Promotes A Vaccine

Cotton Mather Promotes A Vaccine  Cotton Mather on Science

In 1721 Cotton Mather promotes a vaccine for smallpox. Unlike the present death percentage for the Chicom Flu of 0.43% of the total population (141,677 dead/328,239,523 population) in the United States – the death rate caused by smallpox during the Colonial time was as high as 1 in 3 people. In her book, Pox Americana, Elizabeth Fenn “gives a conservative estimate of 130,658 deaths from smallpox during the years 1775-82. And not only were many lives lost, but schools, businesses, and governments all virtually shut down during smallpox epidemics. Life came to a complete and deathly halt during these Colonial epidemics.”

To Be Clear: I am not in favor of anything mandating masks or vaccines – nor was Cotton Mather in favor of mandating anything. Continue reading

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