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Episode 425 – Declared Charges From The Top – Tucker Tucked Away

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Last week I began to incite you with the simple modern examples of Declared Charges from the Declaration of Independence. Yes, if you haven’t taken the time to read the full Declaration of 1776, you should. I gave you the link to the simple analysis of each charge here. If you take the time to look at the news with an honest ear, or open eye, you will see that we are reliving those days of 1765 through 1775. Declared Charges -Tucker Tucked Away

Yet, there is a question that has to be asked, ‘How should we understand Constitutionalism in light of the fight for Liberty now and in relationship to the common grievances of the past again upon US in the present?

In regards to the first part of the question that I just asked, I am reintroducing a great commentator on law and the Constitution, St. George Tucker. His work on Blackstone is foundational for studying law as well as he is a strong proponent of true republicanism and federalism. I do highlight this more in the program.

For all who are attorneys or are striving to become one, Tucker has much to say to you through what he taught those entering the legal profession during the Founding era. To which, ‘Tucker assures fledgling lawyers that, as future framers of law, they must have a knowledge of the constitutions and history of their country, as well as of law itself, if liberty is to be preserved.1 Continue reading

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