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Chapter 41: William McKay Tennent


Uncertainty as to his Identity with the subject of the Following Sketch.— Patriotic Sermon delivered before theWilliam M Tennent Gravestone Troops at Ticonderoga.—His Career after the War.—His Death.

William McKay Tennent was born in 1741. He grew up with New Side influences directing his education at home before he entered the College of New Jersey (Princeton University). The College of New Jersey continued the New Side education provided by the Log College. He graduated at the college of New Jersey in 1763, and was ordained to preach in 1772. He married the daughter of Dr. Rodgers, of New York, a distinguished patriot, and a chaplain in the army, and was settled in Greenfield, Connecticut. He was a man of polished manners, and distinguished for his amiability of temper and generous hospitality.

This is the excerpt of a sermon ‘Delivered at the head of Cols. Mott’s and Swift’s regiments when under arms, expecting the approach of the enemy hourly, at Mount Independence, Sunday, October 20th, 1776.


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3. Father-in-Law: John Rodgers, 1727-1811

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