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Episode 386: Emerging Leaders – Interview with Aidan Haggard

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Considering Emerging Leaders, this week I have a conversation with Aidan Haggard. Aidan is more than an emerging leader, he is well engaged in the fray of ideological strife in the educational system. A high school junior, Aidan has been a founding memberEmerging Leaders of and at the helm forThe American Conservative Youth Union’ since the school district he resides in rejected the on campus request for a Turning Point USA club presence.

I want to break down what I summarize as significant takeaways for this weeks program but you need to hear from Aidan to get the breath of what these Patriots are looking for: Vision, Purpose, Principled Solutions and Execution.

In respect to our citizenry aged below 40, I am always making inquires as to why so few engage with TEA Party or other citizen groups. Most often I am told that the majority of the groups are made up of ‘old angry men and women who cannot come together for effecting change. The people in the groups lack unity and actionable vision with almost enthusiasm.’ Now I partially agree with that. Most who participate in the TEA Party or other citizen group movements are angry with frustration as to the despotism and tyranny of those bureaucrats and elected. That anger is problematic from its roots in almost three generations of allowing the ‘experts’ in education and politics to control the problem development and control the perceived solution set. Long story very short, Citizens gave up their full authority and responsibility of overseeing those who govern right after the Civil War and even more so after WW I. Few know how to knowledgeably retake what is rightfully theirs. But that is another topic for another day.

Quick Summary Breakdown

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