1-9-21 Revolution – Really????

Revolution – Are You Ready To Rumble?  Ready to Rumble

Revolution – Really? Are you ready to Rumble?

Simple answer – NOT!

I’m going to be very direct and short in this newsletter since there are more words being written on this past week than the keyboards can take the hammer of. I am also going to make two, maybe more, recommendations.

Direct and Short

This nation has been in Revolution since Marx was writing in England and Engles was raising money in the US. Go figure. But the real Revolution started in the garden of Eden (Period)!

Oh and if you want to know about Sam Adams being a revolutionary, Well, that is longer than the short part of this newsletter can handle and it is the meat of this weeks program – so listen to the program.

This is important, I spoke with a pastor about 10 years ago after a service. We discussed the need for a New Great Awakening, a Spiritual Revolution if you will – he commented that we weren’t ready because it would lead to chaos and we don’t have the leadership in the pulpits to handle it. So too now, There is almost no leadership in the pulpits to support a political uprising like that prior to and during the Founding Revolution. So unlike Jonas Clark, Pastor at Lexington, where his parish was ready to take a spiritual, moral and physical stand – the people in the modern pews have no solid grounding on Liberty and its transcendence from the pew to Lexington Green.

As a note, Check out the different investigative reporting in the References #2.

NOW – Point blank, jumping up and down about the Constitution being violated is rhetoric at best! Why you ask? Simply, the enemies of Foundational Constitutionalism know the functionality of it better then those seeking the Liberty under it. Case in point is seen and heard in all that is predominantly echoing around Washington DC and even throughout the political class in all 50 states. Hear how the socialist/Marxist operators in the seats of Congress and in state governments can weave the language of Constitutionalism into press spots better than Patriotic Foundational Constitutionalists.

Conservatives and Foundational Constitutionalists have never earnestly raised up leadership to fill the bureaucracies nor political positions. I have beaten that poor dead horse for years so go back into the archive on this topic or ask for clarification. You know how to contact me.

Promised to keep it short – so – For the rest, listen to the program on Saturday.


If you don’t give a rip about how I tackle Revolution from the program then

First Suggestion is that I will expect you to watch these two videos by Doug Wilson:

1. Illegitimate Times

2. State of the Church | Douglas Wilson

Oh, if you keep asking why this Doug dude? Well, out of all the pastors that I’ve listened to or even know, which that are some great ones like Dr. Mike Spaulding, Doug hits a really balanced Biblical Reformation note with me that I think should strike a chord with you. At least I’m hoping so.

And again…. Different from Doug but worth watching is Reference #2.

The second Suggestion is that you get what a full understanding of the phrase “God and Country” really means. Then commit to being ready to really support it with all that you have. No more pussy footing around.

In gaining that understanding, in wisdom and prudence, challenge your pastors and church leadership to get a grasp on the reality before them. That being Revolution, persecution or Reformation Repentance. Oh, that’s call ‘a Great Awakening.’

Yes, the o’biden administration is full of evil. All one has to do is look at the backgrounds of those being appointed to the cabinet. They will unleash the bureaucracies that have been inundated with like minded minions for the last 60 plus years. Buckle up.

Lastly, Build your community. Not just in your congregations but around you. If you can. We have not done so for decades so our nation did not enter world isolation under President Trump. No we have been isolated for decades and have had no clue. Hey, how does it really feel to be the frog in the boiling pot of water?

Conclusion: Are You Ready To Rumble?

Are you really ready to rumble? If you are, you better do so locally! At this moment in history, the national level is a temporary lost cause. Remember, the Revolution started in 1772 by each State forming and solidifying its internal governance in Foundational Reformation, Great Awakening Truth. That is what facilitates good governance.

If you are ready to rumble, you need to start locally. That is in your community, county and state. That is the order of things!

Restore your local governance and the Republic of your State. Make Federalism work or become that Republic where Liberty can prevail over the evils of socialism/Marxism.

Oh, and It only works through the Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates! Remember, Sam Adams was an elected magistrate and acted appropriately according to his charge of office. Sam denounced riots and destruction by hooligans. From the book the life of Samuel Adams we see the DC agitators, “Decorous (definition: in keeping with good taste and propriety; polite and restrained) though the community ordinarily was, there was a population in the streets along the water side quite capable of being carried to the extreme of ruthlessness and folly.”I will elaborate on this during the program.

Sam Adams Wisdom

Deferring to John Adams this week. Quote taken from his essay ‘A Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law ’ 1765:

Let the colleges join their harmony in the same delightful concert. Let every declamation turn upon the beauty of liberty and virtue, and the deformity, turpitude, and malignity, of slavery and vice. Let the public disputations become researches into the grounds and nature and ends of government, and the means of preserving the good and demolishing the evil. Let the dialogues, and all the exercises, become the instruments of impressing on the tender mind, and of spreading and distributing far and wide, the ideas of right and the sensations of freedom.

In a word, let every sluice of knowledge be opened and set a-flowing. The encroachments upon liberty in the reigns of the first James and the first Charles, by turning the general attention of learned men to government, are said to have produced the greatest number of consummate statesmen which has ever been seen in any age or nation. The Brookes, Hampdens, Vanes, Seldens, Miltons, Nedhams, Harringtons, Nevilles, Sidneys, Lockes, are all said to have owed their eminence in political knowledge to the tyrannies of those reigns. The prospect now before us in America, ought in the same manner to engage the attention of every man of learning, to matters of power and of right, that we may be neither led nor driven blindfolded to irretrievable destruction. Nothing less than this seems to have been meditated for us, by somebody or other in Great Britain. There seems to be a direct and formal design on foot, to enslave all America. This, however, must be done by degrees. The first step that is intended, seems to be an entire subversion of the whole system of our fathers, by the introduction of the canon and feudal law into America. The canon and feudal systems, though greatly mutilated in England, are not yet destroyed. Like the temples and palaces in which the great contrivers of them once worshipped and inhabited, they exist in ruins; and much of the domineering spirit of them still remains. The designs and labors of a certain society, to introduce the former of them into America, have been well exposed to the public by a writer of great abilities; and the further attempts to the same purpose, that may be made by that society, or by the ministry or parliament, I leave to the conjectures of the thoughtful. But it seems very manifest from the Stamp Act itself, that a design is formed to strip us in a great measure of the means of knowledge, by loading the press, the colleges, and even an almanac and a newspaper, with restraints and duties; and to introduce the inequalities and dependencies of the feudal system, by taking from the poorer sort of people all their little subsistence, and conferring it on a set of stamp officers, distributors, and their deputies. But I must proceed no further at present. The sequel, whenever I shall find health and leisure to pursue it, will be a “disquisition of the policy of the stamp act.” In the mean time, however, let me add, — These are not the vapors of a melancholy mind, nor the effusions of envy, disappointed ambition, nor of a spirit of opposition to government, but the emanations of a heart that burns for its country’s welfare. No one of any feeling, born and educated in this once happy country, can consider the numerous distresses, the gross indignities, the barbarous ignorance, the haughty usurpations, that we have reason to fear are meditating for ourselves, our children, our neighbors, in short, for all our countrymen and all their posterity, without the utmost agonies of heart and many tears.

How You Can Support The Cause.

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And because you keep asking!


The video of the program is available on Saturday at the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel.

1. Samuel Adams , by James K. Hosmer, Professor In Washington University, St. Louis, Mo.

2. DC Madness, a different investigative look from Christian reporting on scene: Flashpoint News

Picture source site: rumbler https://www.cinelinx.com/movie-news/get-ready-to-rumble-in-the-first-trailer-for-the-new-animated-monster-film/

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