11-9-19 Kingdom, Profiles In Courage

Kingdom, Profiles In Courage  Profiles In Courage

I have this very Reformation and American Puritan concept of Kingdom, which demands reviewing Profiles In Courage. Now I mention JFK’s book in that he discusses several individuals that stood against the tide of political pressure from their peers.

Making it clear that I am not a classical theologian, understand that I have studied the application of Reformation and Puritan theology in some great detail. To that, Kingdom is a topic that reaches into governance in the present as much as it is a reality when one dies. Understanding who the King of kings is and what that means for living in this world is critical to governing in ones own life, family, community, work and our Constitutional Republic – be that a State or National.

Profiles In Courage

Living according to Reformation – American Puritan concepts like Samuel Adams requires correct understanding of Kingdom and acting with Profiles In Courage. To stand against tyranny in our Republic, the knowledge of such must be rightly taught and inculcated in our youth again. JFK has John Quincy Adams as his first example of this. Do you know who John Quincy Adams is or what he was doing at twelve years old? Consider that our youth today have less of a clue than you and then consider young Mr. Adams position in international affairs at that age.

Impeachment Debacle

Once again, we do not know our history in that Profiles In Courage stopped an Impeachment Debacle as we see in our present day. I will be talking from an article in the New American Nov 4, 2019, page 33, I found the opening paragraph interesting enough to digest the rest of the Article. Your should go get a copy of this issue of the New American to learn some additional history. Here is the opening paragraphs.:

Opponents reviled the president, even accusing him of various and sundry crimes. Some in Congress attempted to portray him as a would-be dictator who consistently disregarded the Constitution of the United States. Others expressed shock at his boorish, un-presidential behavior, arguing that he was no longer “fit to retain the office of president.” They particularly denounced what they described as his “intemperate, inflammatory and scandalous harangues.’

For his part, the president denounced his detractors by name, accusing them of desiring to “destroy our institutions,” and welcomed the vitriol against his enemies coming from those in the audience at his raucous political rallies. His detractors detested him, largely because he was perceived as the major obstacle in advancing their radical political agenda. The president even had to deal with, and eventually fire, a high ranking member of his own administration who was in league with his opponents in Congress.”

It take Courage to stand against a deep state, oh, and this was back in 1865.

Take a read on this article as to President Trump standing against the ‘Shadow Government’ as others like me have been calling it since the 60’s: “Vox Shock: Donald Trump Rejects State Department Advice on Migration

Sam Adams Wisdom:

Although it is not long since the subject of elections was under the consideration of the Legislature, and a law passed for the purpose of further security to the people in the free exercise of this invaluable right; yet give me leave to suggest for your consideration, whether still further securities may not be provided, so that the rightful electors may not be frustrated in their honest intentions. That elections may not be contaminated by strangers, or unqualified persons, may it not be necessary that every man may be known, as far as possible, when he presents himself to give his vote; this may be more especially important in our seaports and other populous towns, in which many foreigners of all sorts frequently reside. I would be far from dictating to you, but I would submit to your judgment whether, considering the liberality of this country to foreigners, and the frequency of their naturalizations, it may not be eligible that such foreigners should be required when they offer their votes to the Selectmen of the towns, to produce authentic certificates from the Courts, by which they were endowed with so high a privilege, as a test of their citizenship. As Piety, Religion and Morality have a happy influence on the minds of men, in their public as well as private transactions, you will not think it unseasonable, although I have frequently done it, to bring to your remembrance the great importance of encouraging our University, town schools, and other seminaries of education, that our children and youth while they are engaged in the pursuit of useful science, may have their minds impressed with a strong sense of the duties they owe to their God, their instructors and each other, so that when they arrive to a state of manhood, and take a part in any public transactions, their hearts having been deeply impressed in the course of their education with the moral feelings—such feelings may continue and have their due weight through the whole of their future lives.” SA TO THE LEGISLATURE OF MASSACHUSETTS. JANUARY 27, 1797. [Independent Chronicle, January 30, 1797; a text is in the Massachusetts Archives].

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