12-19-20 Political Theology: The Real Tea Party of 1773

The Real Tea Party  The Real Tea Party

I was reminded by a friend that this past week was the remembrance of The Real Tea Party that made a statement in 1773. Your question is – What does The Real Tea Party have to do with Political Theology?

There were two principles of the Reformation that were key in allowing Liberty to be understood and the locally elected to act within the clear understanding of those principles. Sadly in our present situation, we will most likely not see a Real Resistance as with the Tea Party of 1773.

With frustration you ask – Why not? The simple answer is that which I have spoken about for this past year regarding political theology and that we do not have ministers, lay leaders nor political leaders that understand Liberty as our Founder did. This list does not understand the basic principles of being answerable to the Eternal Authority in the first order. And second, modern elected have zero understanding of their elected authority as that afforded through the ‘doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate.’

As will be discussed in the program, the theological ideologies of this present time is destructive to to Biblical morality and virtue that are the foundation of a civil society which brought forth America.

Keeping it Short

The Real Tea Party of 1773 was doable because the Lesser Magistrates acted (Period!). They did so against the sitting governor, the bureaucratic plan and cabal, the mercantile machine and the national legislature. Through the ‘Committee of Correspondence’ Sam Adams was able to raise five thousand men from the surrounding towns to descend on Boston for a town meeting concerning the issues behind the tea being forced on them.

Sam Adams was an elected official of Boston and acted as one of the Lesser Magistrates in fighting tyranny. Sam recognized that the forcing of the Tea upon the colonies and the tax associated with it was in fact something more. He wrote:

“But if we are prevailed upon implicitly to acknowledge a right to tax us, by receiving and consuming teas loaded with a tax imposed by the British Pariiament, we may be assured that, in a very short time, taxes of the like or a more grievous nature will be laid on every article exported from Great Britain, which our necessity may require, or our shameful luxury may betray us into the use of; and when once they have found the way to rob us, their avarice will never be satisfied until our own manufactures, and even our land, purchased and cultivated by our hard laboring ancestors, are taxed to support the vices and extravagance of wretches who e vileness ought to banish them from the society of men.”

He continues with identifying the Bureaucratic masterminds at work which would enslave the nation like those in our time who are using the chicomflu: (paras added for modernization)

“We think therefore, gentlemen, that we are in duty bound (as Lesser Magistrates) to use our most strenuous endeavors to ward off the impending evil, and we are sure that, upon a fair and cool inquiry into the nature and tendency of this ministerial (bureaucratic) plan, you will think this tea now coming to us more to be dreaded than plague or pestilence; for these can only destroy our mortal bodies, but we never knew a country enslaved without the destruction of their virtue, the loss of which every good man must esteem infinitely greater than the loss of life. And we earnestly request that, after having carefully considered this important matter, you would impress upon the minds of your friends, neighbors, and fellow-townsmen the necessity of exerting themselves in a most zealous and determined manner, to save the present and future generations from temporal, and we think we may with seriousness say, eternal destruction.”

This call to the neighboring Towns in the Massachusetts Colony had a stirring and strong response to action that culminated in the Real Tea Party of 1773.

For this present time in history, true Patriots must arise to take and hold offices in every possible elected seat and return independent republicanism to local and state government. Without doing so, the evil that Sam Adams writes about will continue to enslave the whole citizenry.

Sam Adams Wisdom

This resolution can be easily adapted to our most immediate times by referencing the chicomflu and the various local, state and national forms of government.


[Boston Record Commissioner’s Report, vol. xviii., pp. 142, 143; a draft of the preamble, in the handwriting of Adams, is in the Mellen Chamberlain collection, Boston Public Library.]

Whereas it appears by an Act of the British Parliament passed in the last Sessions, that the East India Company are by the said Act allowed to export their Teas into America, in such Quantities as the Lord of the Treasury shall Judge proper1: And some People with an evil intent to amuse the People, and others thro’ inattention to the true design of the Act, have so contrued the same, as that the Tribute of three Pence on very Pound of Tea is not to be enacted by the detestable Task Masters there2—-Upon the due consideration thereof, RESOLVED, That the Sense of the Town cannot be better expressed on this Occasion, than in the words of certain Judicious Resolves lately entered into by our worthy Brethren the Citizens of Philadelphia—-wherefore

RESOLVED, that the disposal of their own property is the Inherent Right of Freemen; that there can be no property in that which another can of right take from us without our consent; that the Claim of Parliament to tax America, is in other words a claim of Right to buy3 Contributions on us at pleasure——-

2d. That the Duty imposed by Parliament upon Tea landed in America, is a tax on the Americans, or levying Contributions on them without their consent——-

3d. That the express purpose for which the Tax is levied on the Americans, namely for the support of Government, the Administration of Justice, and the defence of His Majestys Dominions in America, has a direct tendency to render Assemblies useless, and to introduce Arbitrary Government and Slavery——-

4th. That a virtuous and steady opposition to the Ministerial Plan of governing America, is absolutely necessary to preserve even the shadow of Liberty, and is a duty which every Freeman in America owes to his Country to himself and to his Posterity——-

5th. That the Resolutions lately come by the East India Company, to send out their Teas to America Subject to the payment of Duties on its being landed here, is an open attempt to enforce the Ministerial Plan, and a violent attack upon the Liberties of America——-

6th. That is is the Duty of every American to oppose this attempt——-

7th. That whoever shall directly or indirectly countenance this attempt, or in any wise aid or abet in unloading receiving or vending the Tea sent or to be sent out by the East India Company while it remains subject to the payment of a duty here is an Enemy to America——-

8th. That a Committee be immediately chosen to wait on those Gentlemen, who it is reported are appointed by the East India Company to receive and sell said Tea, and to request them from a regard to their own characters and the peace and good order of this Town and Province immediately to resign their appointment.

———- the sub references within the body of the text:

1. At this point the draft includes the words, “without the same having been exposed to sale in the Kingdom of Great Britain.”

2. The draft reads “here.”

3. The town record should apparently read “lay.”

How You Can Support The Cause.

I am constantly being asked to bring the Samuel Adams Return program to Christian radio. I do not have the resources for this since we are self-funded. So, I’m asking that if you believe there is value that should go onto regular Christian Radio in various markets then contact me. We will need some support mechanism to do that. Additionally, Please let everyone you know in Ohio that can support what we do to keep Samuel Adams active. Have them checkout and buy some of our Boutique Pepper Jams at Pepper-Licious.

And because you keep asking!


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3. This sets a very telling story of the state of defining religion and morality in America: Relativism The International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd Edition

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